Unlock AI with Swirl

Swirl is innovative AI infrastructure software that transforms the way we interact with information. It unifies information from diverse sources, including databases and enterprise repositories. Swirl combines AI-driven efficiency by complying with existing security infrastructure to deliver safe and responsible AI, making it an intelligent choice for Retrieval Augmented Generation in the enterprise.

Swirl simultaneously searches multiple content sources (databases, applications, and company files) and returns AI-ranked results. Users can prompt generative AI models using top-ranked results, creating understandable responses by incorporating user-specific data. Swirl contextualizes results using Large Language Models (LLMs) and makes information available to the AI without moving data.

Swirl brings significant benefits to the public sector. By unifying information from diverse sources, it can streamline decision-making processes and enhance service delivery. Its AI-driven efficiency can automate routine tasks, analyze high-volume and complex data, and provide real-time insights, leading to smarter policymaking, more efficient operations, and improved service delivery. Swirl is used for its unified AI search capabilities, GAI integration, collaborative content curation, reinforcement learning from human feedback, Multi-modal LLM support, OSINT applications, and other systems of intelligence.