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Disinfection solutions with unmatched ROI, efficacy, & sustainability

R-Zero is a biosafety technology company that enables public sector organizations to create and maintain healthier indoor environments, protecting essential workers and those they serve. Our sustainable, best-in-class UVC and sensor technologies operationalize the disinfection process in public buildings, from offices to clinics and everything in between. In classified areas that require people to work in close proximity and confined spaces, or among other high-risk groups and environments, R-Zero delivers safety, confidence and peace of mind. Below are a few key highlights:

  • R-Zero’s Upper-Room UVGI device, Beam, inactivates 99.99% of viruses and bacteria autonomously in any occupied room while using 93% less energy per air change than an HVAC system upgrade would. In practice, this means lowering GHG emissions by 1800% and reducing energy costs by 500%.
  • While Beam is best-suited for large, open spaces, our Far UVC fixture, Vive, is ideal for targeting smaller, high-risk occupied spaces with air and surface disinfection.
  • R-Zero’s mobile disinfection device, Arc, has the highest efficacy of any portable UVC device on the market. It disinfects 99.999% of surface and airborne organisms in a 1,000ft2 room in 7 minutes without the use of chemicals, allowing for sustainability, janitorial efficiency, and healthy connection. What’s more, Arc eliminates odors and mold spores too, making it great for areas like locker rooms and holding cells.
  • R-Zero’s intelligent biosafety platform combines space utilization sensor technology, AI, ML, and IoT-connected hardware to provide visibility into and automation of the disinfection process. It allows for smarter disinfection by ensuring the highest risk reduction happens where the risk of viral exposure is the greatest.

R-Zero is dedicated to developing the most effective and innovative disinfection technologies to  improve indoor air quality and reduce the spread of microorganisms in public buildings. R-Zero’s  sustainable, IoT-enabled disinfection technologies lower risk across all areas of the public sector - driving building health, productivity, and a visible commitment to public safety.

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