• GCN Report: Cybersecurity and the Drive to Modernize

    Learn why government agencies must modernize their IT environments to stay ahead of new, evolving threats

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  • How Cybersecurity Fuels Modernization

    Read about how the government's race to modernize IT systems is converging with its race to secure them.

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  • Executive Viewpoint with Syed Azeem

    Hear from Syed Azeem, Senior IT Project Manager at GSA, about the balance of cybersecurity and modernization.

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  • Cloud and the Pivot to New Security Targets

    Read about why moving to cloud-based infrastructure means agencies can now direct their energy to protecting users, written by Tony D'Angelo, Vice President of Federal at Proofpoint.

    • Cybersecurity , Proofpoint
  • Security Progress One Step at a Time

    Read what Rob Roy, Public-Sector Chief Technology Officer at Micro Focus, has to say on how the process of modernization reveals alternatives to all-or-nothing approaches to encryption and cyber strategies.

    • Cybersecurity , Micro Focus Government Solutions
  • The Security Game Changer

    Hear from Dennis Reilly, Vice President of Federal Sales at Gigamon, on how people, processes, and technology together can revolutionize the way agencies defend their IT assets.

    • Gigamon, Cybersecurity
  • Modernizing Security with Cyberthreat Intelligence

    Read about why it's important to understand what adversaries want and what their strategies are in order to protect today's IT environments as written by Tom Topping, Senior Director of Strategic Programs at FireEye.

    • FireEye, Cybersecurity
  • Securing the Internet of Things

    Learn why Niels Jensen, Senior Vice President of Americas Sales at ForeScout Technologies, says that in the era of mission-critical IoT, federal network security begins with visibility.

    • Cybersecurity , ForeScout
  • Resisting the Urge to Complicate Security

    Read why security tools don't have to become more complex as written by Rick Howard, Chief Security Officer at Palo Alto Networks

    • Palo Alto Networks, Cybersecurity
  • Minimizing Cyber Tool Complexity

    Read about what Chris Townsend, Vice President of Federal at Symantec, has to say about why industry and government should work together to standardize and consolidate cybersecurity technology.

    • Symantec, Cybersecurity
  • What Devices Are on Your Network?

    Ellen Sundra, Vice President of Systems Engineering for ForeScout Technologies, discusses the problem of agencies struggling with the network discovery portion of cybersecurity.

    • Cybersecurity , ForeScout
  • ForeScout Full Radio Show

    Ellen Sundra, the Vice President of Americas Systems Engineering for ForeScout Technologies, discusses how, like most cybersecurity decisions, agencies need to balance risk and reward when it comes to IoT devices.

    • ServiceNow, Cybersecurity
  • Securing Data Takes More than Technology

    Ellen Sundra, Vice President of Systems Engineering for ForeScout Technologies, discusses a cross-agency and cross-functional approach to securing data and networks.

    • Cybersecurity , ForeScout
  • Focus Less on Devices and More on Data

    Rick Howard, Chief Security Officer for Palo Alto Networks, discusses the shift in security approaches from focusing on devices to focusing more so on data.

    • Palo Alto Networks, Cybersecurity
  • Palo Alto Full Length Radio Show

    Rick Howard, the chief security officer for Palo Alto Networks, discusses the wide-spread acceptance of using cloud services for operational requirements is driving opportunity to modernize.

    • Palo Alto Networks, Cybersecurity