For 3D Digital Twins that help public sector organizations bridge the physical world to the virtual world, Arcadus has you covered.

Arcadus' expertise and mission is to help federal, state, and local government agencies and regulated industries understand and successfully adopt digital twins, 3D assets, and virtual versions of buildings and spaces.  The ability to visualize, interact with, annotate, analyze, and automate using photorealistic and dimensionally-accurate 3D models now provide powerful capabilities that go beyond simple “virtual tours”, and enable agencies to perform meaningful work faster, better and less expensively than ever before.

A digital twin is a digital representation of a physical object, person, or process, contextualized in a digital version of its environment. Digital twins can help organizations simulate real situations and their outcomes, ultimately allowing it to make better decisions.  Arcadus offers digital twin solutions for the “built world”, which provides interactive 3D models for:

  • Asset capture & management (for inventory, manufacturing, maintenance, etc.)
  • Indoor & outdoor buildings and spaces (properties for housing authorities, commercial buildings/warehouses, embassies, and other operating locations
  • Public safety & crime scenes (fire investigations, police forensics, 911 augmentation, etc.)
  • .EDU university and school safety (emergency preparedness & response, active shooter exercises & planning, university housing, facility maintenance, etc.)
  • Energy sustainability (IIoT integration & monitoring, smart city planning/development)
  • Training, modeling & simulation (personnel onboarding, upskilling employees, scenario rehearsals)
  • Time Travel (for assessing physical environments/locations over time, side-by-side comparisons of construction phases, etc.)

Arcadus provides a range of engagement models to accommodate different levels of government agencies understanding, available funding and adoption.  We offer solution configurations for self-sufficient/DIY teams, as well as starter environments for teams testing their first digital twin/3D model implementations.  Our expert team brings forth real-world use-cases, supports the implementations, and we deliver meaningful outcomes for our customers.

These solutions are delivered at a fraction of the time and cost of legacy digital/3D technology capabilities, and in ways that achieve mandated agency security, compliance, and data privacy requirements. Our hybrid approach can take best-of-class capabilities from multiple, different providers, and provide a seamless result to our customers – minimizing risk, time, and expense along the way.