Support your organization's case management and data analysis needs.

Kaseware investigation software platform is built to support the public safety, law enforcement, non-profit and justice communities. We were founded by former FBI agents who designed and implemented the FBI’s case management system that is still in use today. Our team comes from decades of investigative experience that we used to create our dream investigative platform.

Instead of needing several different investigation software systems, organizations can finally have all their investigative needs in one place. This allows work to be completed more efficiently and safely than ever before. Our clients have unique and exceptional views into their data that help them to make critical decisions and to disrupt, not react, to the multiple threats around them.  And while agencies within the public safety field may share the same goals and missions, Kaseware knows from experience that they are all unique and so we provide a dynamic system that can be tailored to the individual needs of each and every agency.