Cryptography Simplified: Privacy and Trust in Today’s Digital World

Founded in 2012, SafeLogic is a premier provider of cryptographic solutions that enable enduring privacy and trust in the ever-changing digital world. SafeLogic’s flagship cryptographic software module family, CryptoComply, is available for more platform types, operating systems, and programming languages than any alternative. Furthermore, it also offers drop-in compliance with numerous open-source libraries.

The company’s FIPS 140 Validation-as-a-Service expedites and simplifies achieving and maintaining NIST certification for cryptography modules incorporated into technology deployed by federal, state, and local government agencies, the Department of Defense, DoD suppliers, and regulated industries. By combining CryptoComply with unique services, SafeLogic obtains FIPS 140 certificates in two months versus the two-plus years normally required. Whether you need FIPS 140, Common Criteria, FedRAMP, StateRAMP, CMMC 2.0, DoDIN APL, or CNSA 2.0, SafeLogic helps you maximize your public sector and regulated industry business. Consequently, SafeLogic’s customer base includes many of the top technology companies in the world.

Emerging quantum computers threaten to break much existing cryptography, specifically public key infrastructure (PKI). To protect against this threat, SafeLogic is working with NIST’s National CyberSecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) to simplify migration to quantum-resistant post-quantum cryptography. SafeLogic’s flagship CryptoComply cryptography software supports post-quantum cryptography algorithms, cryptographic discovery, cryptoagility, and hybrid PQC/classical cryptography deployments. When the day comes when you need to move your cryptography to post-quantum algorithms, SafeLogic will be there to simplify your migration.