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Modernize e-Government Services While Securing Mission-Critical Infrastructure

As more federal agencies are looking to embrace a digital government transformation, VMware delivers groundbreaking software solutions that enable users to adopt an e-governance approach to their operations. Whether it’s building out a secure, scalable environment with VMware cloud services or automating components of government initiatives, VMware solutions help agencies achieve mission goals by improving workforce productivity and data protection while relieving IT burdens and lowering costs.

VMware’s solution-based approaches help users address cybersecurity threats and the need for robust and reliable digital government operations. Government organizations benefit from the improved performance, increase in mission productivity, and streamlined compliance offered by VMware’s network, cloud and workstation platforms.

Together, Carahsoft and VMware offer a variety of secure and seamless solutions that empower modernization and digital government transformation in the federal, education and healthcare industries.

Digital Workspace


Federal, State & Local Government

Digital transformation in the public sector

Even as the need for government services grows and changes, the IT environment is getting harder to maintain and secure. The goals of digital government are far reaching. Constituents who have benefitted from anytime, anywhere access to services want better engagement with agencies. Public sector leaders need efficient and effective ways to meet these needs.

VMware’s commitment to government IT modernization focuses on reducing complexity while ensuring the secure delivery of modern applications and services that transform the efficacy of government operations. For years, VMware has been working with government customers on e-governance applications at national, state, and local levels. Digital transformation powered by VMware solutions allows governments to:

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    • Meet objectives to satisfy their constituents’ needs
    • Make their digital operations more efficient
    • Innovate and use the latest technologies in a scalable way
    • Continually defend against cyberthreats
    • Deliver capabilities to citizens and employees across any device, app, or cloud
Digital government in the federal space

VMware can be used to help agencies achieve their mandated objectives as part of a national digital transformation strategy such as Cloud First or the Datacenter Modernization Act.  VMware assists government agencies with modernization, improving security, and managing digital workplace for remote employees. VMware’s e-governance solutions help federal agencies:

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    • Replace legacy IT with consistent and secure infrastructure.
    • Migrate to public cloud using common infrastructure to support data center consolidation, disaster recovery, and IT service delivery goals.
    • Manage multiple clouds seamlessly with the freedom to build, deploy, and run applications on the cloud best suited to each need.
    • Build and manage containers and microservices, giving developers the resources to drive continuous innovation.
    • Embed traditional networking functions and security policies to enable a least-privilege security model for workloads, preventing threats from moving within agency environments.
    • Empower a mobile government workforce and enable workers to enjoy the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere at any time.
    • Replace static computing environments to improve workstation performance, availability, and security while transforming desktops into stateless digital workspaces delivered on demand.
State and local e-government solutions

VMware SD-WAN provides a cost-effective way to deliver secure communication among disparate locations while eliminating the need for potentially costly MPLS and dark fiber connections.

Agencies also need solutions that add operational efficiency to their dedicated teams, giving them the tools and resources needed to achieve their objectives while meeting security requirements. VMware has built an intrinsic security solution to help organizations implement zero-trust and meet compliance requirements.  

VMware can help manage devices and desktops, so agencies can allow end users to choose the devices they are comfortable with. This leads to greater organizational success and less employee turnover. VMware solutions also allow agencies to consolidate management tools for devices, reducing administrative burdens for IT teams.

How VMware and Carahsoft helps government transformation

Carahsoft serves as VMware’s largest dedicated U.S. Public Sector & Enterprise Healthcare focused distribution partner in North America, offering the full suite of VMware products and services through their channel partners and many contracts. Together, Carahsoft and VMware offer a variety of secure and seamless solutions that empower modernization and digital government transformation in the federal, education, and healthcare industries.


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