Immersive Wisdom® (TRL-9) offers a remote communications and collaborative ops center platform for distributed & disaggregated operations that allows geographically dispersed personnel to effectively work together and act without having to be physically present, even in severely bandwidth-limited environments, using existing desktops and laptops.

Available on NIPR/SIPR/JWICS with shareable documentation in eMASS

The Immersive Wisdom software platform brings together existing sensor feeds, enterprise applications, maps, 3D data, geospatial sources, and video streams into a synchronized real-time, interactive remote collaborative operations center, accessible worldwide.

Distributed users can interact in 3D rooms via real-time avatar, virtual laser pointer, sharing, presentation, annotation, and data query tools, and via live voice/VOIP & chat, providing remote physical presence and real context.

Immersive Wisdom is an out-of-the-box end-user application that delivers Communications and Deep Collaboration between distributed sites in Denied, Degraded, Intermittent, and Limited-Bandwidth (DDIL) / Contested Environments at 100 kilobits/sec/user. No VR/XR.  Stays running when comms drop. Our Windows software client has been directly installed onto government commodity laptops in theater.

For SPAFORGEN, AFFORGEN, Agile Combat Employment, Distributed Maritime Ops, and Mission Command -- Immersive Wisdom provides communications software that allows people in different locations *IN CONTESTED ENVIRONMENTS* to collaboratively operate at 100 kilobits/sec/user. And, Immersive Wisdom stays running, even when no connection is available or while switching to a backup comms path. We are an open communications system (like a radio) that enables C2, not a C2 system in the traditional sense. Distributed users in bandwidth-limited environments can communicate about weather, intelligence, logistics, personnel tracking, and other mission needs.

Connected, Collaborative, but Not Co-located!

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