Immersive Wisdom® is an enterprise software platform that allows users to collaborate in real-time upon diverse data sets and applications within a temporal and geospatially-aware Virtual, Mixed, and Augmented Reality space. Immersive Wisdom is hardware-agnostic and runs on VR, AR, as well as 2D displays. Regardless of geographic location, multiple users can be together in a shared virtual workspace, standing on maps, with instant access to relevant information from any available source, including live sensor inputs, 3D models, Full Motion Video, and cyber/network data.


  • Government
    • Battlespace Situational Awareness & ISR
    • Mission Planning and Execution (including with Remote Users)
    • Intelligence Analysis (Pattern of life/GEOINT/Multi-INT analysis
  • Commercial
    • Real-Time Virtual Operations Centers
    • Cybersecurity Operations and Network Threat Analysis (Virtual SOC)
    • Logistics and Supply Chain Intelligence
    • Drone Management and Collaboration


Worldwide Real-Time Immersive Collaboration for Operations and Analysis

  • During this webinar the Immersive Wisdom team discussed the capabilities for:
  • Ingesting the data important to your organization
  • Visualizing the data important to your mission
  • Shortening the path from data to decision
  • Delivering real-time synchronized data and AI-powered analytics to your geographically dispersed key stakeholders

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