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NetFoundry enables you to deploy and control Zero Trust, high performance global private networks without needing to deploy and manage infrastructure. NetFoundry is the first of its kind micro-segmented Software Defined Network, minimizing latency, packet loss and jitter and can be overlaid on any Internet connection. Your network can become an on-demand SaaS model - just like cloud computing Infrastructure-as-a-Service platforms, such as AWS, Azure and GCP.

As U.S. federal government agencies move their workloads and applications to the cloud to support their missions, and Zero Trust security becomes the standard for those environments, agencies are realizing that traditional WAN models are no longer scalable, agile, or secure enough in a cloud and app-connected world. NetFoundry breaks the stranglehold that traditional WAN paradigms have had on a cloud-connected, cloud-native application deployment. As agencies develop and deploy new applications, they can embed NetFoundry Zero Trust networking directly into those apps enhancing security, accelerating deployment timeframes, and delighting internal and external customers.


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COVID-19 Response

NetFoundry is a cloud-native, Zero Trust, software-only secure Remote Access and Private WAN solution. Secure networks are created over the public Internet in minutes. NetFoundry is software only and leverages virtualized network infrastructure, created in cloud resources, making it far more agile, flexible, and scalable than traditional hardware-based solutions. NetFoundry's Zero Trust model secures your environment by granting users network access ONLY to the resources you allow.

NetFoundry is providing its Work From Home solution for free through the end of June in North America to help with COVID-19 response (The regular rate is about $1 per user per day, depending on numbers of users and the use of other NetFoundry services).

If you would like more information please visit: https://netfoundry.io/vpn/


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The application-specific network advantage

Solutions Brief

Solutions Brief
Connect to any combination of public, private, & hybrid clouds with unmatched simplicity

The growing gap between networking and application needs


This paper describes the architecture of the NetFoundry platform in the context of how the NetFoundry layers can integrate with other layers to provide security, reliability and performance over Internet connections for today’s distributed, dynamic, automated application environments.

Deliver Secure Connectivity Instantly with Zero-Trust, Application-Specific Networking