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  • eyeSight

    Complete device visibility. Continuously discover, classify and assess devices without agents or active techniques that could compromise business operations. Read Datasheet.

  • eyeSegment

    Transforming Enterprise. Wide Network Segmentation - Accelerate the design, planning and deployment of dynamic network segmentation across the extended enterprise to reduce your attack surface and regulatory risk. Download Datasheet.

  • eyeControl

    Enforce and automate policy-based controls. Take action to mitigate threats, incidents and compliance gaps. Download What’s New!

  • eyeExtend

    Extend the value of your security and IT investments. eyeExtend products share device context between the Forescout platform and other IT and security products to automate policy enforcement across disparate solutions and accelerate system-wide response to mitigate risks.

  • eyeManage

    Centralized configuration, management and monitoring. Gain a single-pane-of-glass view for every network-connected device. Unify asset, compliance and risk reporting across the extended enterprise. Download Datasheet.

  • eyeRecover

    Service continuity and resiliency for single- or multi-site deployments.

  • Forescout Extended Modules

    Forescout Extended Modules extend the capabilities of CounterACT to a vast range of system infrastructure and third-party security management tools. Orchestrate more.

Demo Desk

Forescout Demo Desk banner

Join our Forescout Demo Jock for a brief overview on how Forescout can agentlessly provide over 150 characteristics about every IP Connected Device on your network - BYODs, IOTs, and OTs included - and then use that information for dynamic network segmentation. This Demo Desk will display how Forescout helps every team automate threat response, maintain compliance, and get information about every asset on their network in real time, even as those devices change.

Join us for upcoming sessions!

Test Drive

Forescout Test Drive banner

Test Drive

Experience Forescout 8.2—virtually

In these challenging times, in-person demos are out of the question, but we have a solution: the Forescout Virtual Test Drive. It’s a hands-on, condensed tour of Forescout 8.2 that highlights the latest platform updates—including Forescout eyeSegment capabilities. In just 90 minutes on the Tuesday morning or afternoon of your choice, you’ll take four laps covering device visibility, asset management, incident response, and network segmentation. Learn how to quickly identify high-risk devices and act—faster.

Experience the Forescout before-and-after difference—the difference that lets you dramatically mitigate risk across your extended enterprise and protect your organization. Put the Forescout platform through its paces. Register now and select the date and time that works best for you.



Upcoming Dates 


Past Dates

  • June 16
  • June 9
  • June 2
  • May 26
  • May 19
  • December 10
  • January 9 | 11:30am | Sacramento, CA

If you have any questions about an event that has passed, please feel free to reach out to Forescout@carahsoft.com


Count on Carahsoft

Forescout is an enterprise device visibility platform that agentlessly ensures compliance and proper network segmentation for all IPs within the network. The platform provides 100% visibility out of the box and with that information can then ensure all behavior is normal or within limits across the network. This works across VPNs, traditional IT devices, IoTs, BYODs, and OTs. With control actions, the platform can then do agentless network access control and complete device traffic management.

For more information on discounts and special contract terms, please contact the Forescout team at Forescout@carahsoft.com or call 1-833-372-8468.



Forescout Comply to Connect banner


CMMC Domains


Asset Monitoring

Forescout monitors assets on an on-going basis to ensure that they are in a compliant state. If their posture changes to non-compliance, remediations can occur automatically. Repeat offenders can also flagged for additional attention.

System alerts can be created based-on all sorts of dynamic conditions and actions can be automated. Contextual data gathered by the products native integrations can be upleveled to SIEMs, SOARs, and other products to enrich threat hunting products and practices.

Forescout eyeSight

Forescout eyeSight can leverage our strong and robust integration capabilities to greatly assist with the control of malicious code protection. The product has an understanding of who is logged in to information systems at the time that incidents occur. This context can be reported on or pushed into third-party systems to identify patterns.

Scans can be done to monitor for known malicious file hashes or file names/locations. In addition, the product integrates with third-party EDR systems to ensure they are running and updated properly on information systems. If they detect malicious files, the product can take action.

Forescout eyeSight is able to agentlessly monitor information systems in real time. Forescout helps identify behavior that may indicate Indicators of potential attacks. Forescout eyeSight can help ensure ingress and egress communications are monitored for anomalous behavior depending on policies. You can not only monitor endpoint behavior on the network but control user and devices actions while connected to the network to limit only the minimum access required to perform their functions in real time.

Policies can be created to detect deviations from known good states of an asset. This includes monitoring processes, services, applications, files, or network communications for any occurences that aren't acceptable. The product comes with hundreds of policy conditions that can be used to identify unauthorized usage of organizational systems. Combine that with the boolean nature of the policy engine and thousands of combinations can be created to alert or take action when unauthorized use occurs.


Upcoming Events

October 13, 2021 at 1:00 PM ET

Archived Events


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