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User Groups

Forescout User Group banner

As Forescout's public sector distributor, Carahsoft believes our commitment to customers should not end after implementation, but rather continue throughout the lifecycle of an agency’s deployment.

At these events, current Forescout users have an open conversation with Forescout Product Experts to exchange tips and tricks and ask questions about their deployments. The priority is to ensure that current users are able to solve any issues that they may be facing with their deployments.

Join us for upcoming sessions!

Test Drive

Forescout Test Drive banner

Test Drive

Experience Forescout 8.3—virtually

Sign Up

In these challenging times, in-person demos are out of the question, but we have a solution: the Forescout Virtual Test Drive. It’s a hands-on, condensed tour of Forescout 8.3 that highlights the latest platform updates—including Forescout eyeSegment capabilities. In just 90 minutes on the Tuesday morning or afternoon of your choice, you’ll take four laps covering device visibility, asset management, incident response, and network segmentation. Learn how to quickly identify high-risk devices and act—faster.

Experience the Forescout before-and-after difference—the difference that lets you dramatically mitigate risk across your extended enterprise and protect your organization. Put the Forescout platform through its paces. Register now and select the date and time that works best for you.

Upcoming Events

Experience Forescout’s Zero Trust platform — virtually

Date/Time: Thursday, March 3rd, 2022 – 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET

Location: Online

Join us for the Forescout Virtual Test Drive, a hands-on tour of the Forescout platform that lets you demo the latest updates — including Forescout eyeSegment capabilities. In just 90 minutes you’ll experience:

  • Agentless device visibility: Quickly see, classify and assess the security posture of your entire Enterprise of Things — no agents required.
  • Real-time asset management: Build an accurate real-time asset inventory of every device connected to your extended enterprise.
  • Automated incident response: Respond to a WannaCry outbreak with an automated policy that quickly locates vulnerable hosts and determines which require patches and which are infected.
  • Zero Trust network segmentation: Minimize your attack surface by modeling, testing and implementing Zero Trust network segmentation rules — without risking operational disruption.

Put the Forescout platform through its paces and see first-hand how the Forescout solution lets you identify, segment and enforce compliance of every connected thing across your extended enterprise.

CPE Credit Available

(ISC)2 members who attend Forescout’s Virtual Test Drive qualify for one continuing professional education credit. Please provide your (ISC)2 membership number when you register.

If you have any questions about an event that has passed, please feel free to reach out to Forescout@carahsoft.com


OT:ICEFALL: 56 Vulnerabilities Caused by Insecure-by-Design Practices in OT

June 20, 2022

It has been 10 years since Project Basecamp, a research project conducted by Digital Bond that investigated how critical operational technology (OT) devices and protocols were, to use the term they coined, “insecure by design.” Since then, we have seen hugely impactful real-world OT malware such as Industroyer, TRITON, Industroyer2 and INCONTROLLER abusing insecure-by-design functionality. In collaboration with CISA’s vulnerability disclosure process, Forescout’s Vedere Labs today is disclosing OT:ICEFALL, a set of 56 vulnerabilities affecting devices from 10 OT vendors. Why “Icefall”? That’s the name of the second stop on the Everest route, after Base Camp, and given the rising number of OT vulnerability disclosures, we know we have a mountain to climb to secure these devices and protocols. Learn More...

Using Zero Trust to Prevent Agency Ransomware Attacks

December 13, 2021

One of the primary sources for Zero Trust standards is NIST 800-207. This directive outlines a set of substantive Zero Trust architectures and deployment models that agencies can follow, but they aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s important to remember Zero Trust is a security design approach and not a single, fixed solution or technology that can be purchased and implemented. The core concept behind Zero Trust is to “never trust, always verify” and must be applied and adapted to every part of an agency’s infrastructure. This often requires a layered solution approach, particularly when it comes to the Internet of Things (IoT). Learn more…

How to Jumpstart Your NIST Cybersecurity Framework Maturity: Recover Function

April 8, 2020

In this final post of our series, we’ll discuss the fifth Function of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, Recover. This Function requires organizations to develop and implement activities to restore capabilities or services that were impaired due to a cybersecurity event. To comply, organizations need to put a recovery plan into place to get back to their last “known good” state, be able to coordinate restoration activities with external parties and incorporate lessons learned into an updated recovery strategy. Learn More...

Inability to Account for Networked Assets Will Hinder Defense Contractors’ Achievement of CMMC

April 6, 2020

Forescout is actively engaged with the defense contractor community to implement Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) controls. Forescout’s core capabilities that are of particular interest to defense contractors considering the CMMC include: identifying and assessing devices on networks, controlling access to and within the network and addressing many found vulnerabilities—whether by directly remediating, initiating remediation actions or quarantining devices. In Forescout’s experience, most defense contractors lack awareness of approximately fifty percent of the connected devices on their networks before they deploy the Forescout platform. Learn More...

5 Questions for It Professionals to Adapt to Today’s Remote Working Environment

March 24, 2020

We are in unprecedented times, navigating a new reality where business is largely being conducted remotely, outside of a secure office network. As strange as it feels to many, it’s something I’ve been preparing for over 10 years. In 2009, I was part of a team that built the UK Pandemic Flu service designed to provide clinical evaluations for a vaccine in the event of an outbreak. My team worked alongside the UK Chief Medical Officer to better understand how to create a resilient IT service and support function to operate during a pandemic outbreak. Today, it feels surreal that many of those theoretical implications are now coming true. Learn More...

Keeping Our Forescout Family Secure During COVID-19

March 19, 2020

While we’re restricting travel and working remotely, we want to help you with your security needs so you can stay focused on what is most important – the health and safety of your teams, family and friends. Whether it is to secure your remote access program, ensure onsite and offsite device hygiene, or automate tasks due to reduced IT capacity, we’re here to support our customer and partner community. Learn More...

Embracing Zero Trust for IOT and OT: A Fundamental Mind Shift

March 18, 2020

Securing any network begins with understanding every connected user and device and every bit of data they are trying to access. This is a basic premise of any security framework—including Zero Trust. Clearly, you need to know who is trying to access what before you can create appropriate enforcement policies and controls. Learn More...

A Healthy Hospital Is Founded on 5 Key Cyber Principles

March 5, 2020

Today, running a healthy hospital means much more than curing diseases and fixing broken bones. It also means making sure the underlying technology is strong and secure enough to support those operations. Hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare organizations are adding more connected devices to their networks than ever before. These devices add significant benefits, like the increased ability to monitor patients with real-time results from medical scans. Learn More...

COVID-19 Should Prompt Enterprises to Move Quickly to Zero Trust

COVID-19 makes organizations confront the reality that their network boundaries no longer end with their own infrastructure but now extend to employees’ homes. Underscoring this is the Office of Management and Budget’s request that federal agencies “offer maximum telework flexibilities to all current telework eligible employees, consistent with operational needs of the departments and agencies.” To maintain continuity of operations, government organizations must move toward a new network security paradigm that distrusts all devices and users and denies them access to network resources until they have demonstrated the requisite level of security and authorization. That strategic initiative is called “zero trust.” Learn More...

Count on Carahsoft

Forescout is an enterprise device visibility platform that agentlessly ensures compliance and proper network segmentation for all IPs within the network. The platform provides 100% visibility out of the box and with that information can then ensure all behavior is normal or within limits across the network. This works across VPNs, traditional IT devices, IoTs, BYODs, and OTs. With control actions, the platform can then do agentless network access control and complete device traffic management.

For more information on discounts and special contract terms, please contact the Forescout team at Forescout@carahsoft.com or call 1-833-372-8468.



Click on the graphic below to be taken to a microsite dedicated to Forescout’s role in the Department of Defense’s Comply-to-Connect (C2C) initiative.

Forescout Comply to Connect banner

Use Cases

  • Solution #1 - Network Access Control

    Network Access Control

    You need a way to implement and maintain Zero Trust access for your many network types and array of connected things – including employee devices returning to the office post-COVID, remotely connected devices, transient devices, guest/BYOD devices and IoT, OT and smart devices. Forescout’s modern network access control (NAC) gives you the ability to continuously identify all connected things, assess their posture, automate remediation workflows and implement access controls for provisioning least-privilege access.

  • Solution #2 - Device Compliance

    Device Compliance

    There is no gray area when it comes to compliance. To hackers and regulators, partial compliance is noncompliance. Vulnerable platforms, unpatched devices and default passwords expose your network to substantial risk, creating compliance gaps that continue to widen as more devices are added or become virtual and extend into the cloud. Forescout’s mission is to continuously assess, remediate and enforce the security compliance of all devices.

  • Solution #3 - Network Segmentation

    Network Segmentation

    As network perimeters have disappeared, the need for network segmentation has dramatically increased. Network segmentation, a core tenet of Zero Trust and least-privilege initiatives, can be difficult to implement. Forescout helps accelerate segmentation adoption with dynamic, context-driven capabilities – and without complexity, excessive cost or negative impacts to your operations.

  • Solution #4 - Asset Management

    Asset Management

    Make intelligent, up-to-date security and business decisions and meet compliance requirements with real-time inventory of every device on your network without requiring an agent. The Forescout platform helps eliminate blind spots and removes the manual processes to collect instant asset intelligence, maintain accurate asset inventories and lifecycle management for every device the instant it connects to your network.

  • Solution #5 - Incident Response

    Incident Response

    Today’s enterprises typically have dozens of IT and security products operating independently without sufficient device context or the ability to take action to respond to security risks and threats. This creates alert fatigue in SecOps teams, gives attackers more time to exploit vulnerabilities and increases the blast radius of threats. Forescout shares real-time device context, automates policy enforcement and executes response actions across your ecosystem of IT and security tools.




Mar 31, 2021- Mar 30, 2026

GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS)

Dec 20, 2011- Dec 19, 2026

GSA Multiple Award Schedule Contract (MAS)

Aug 22, 2018- Aug 21, 2023


May 01, 2015- Apr 30, 2025


Aug 31, 2020- Aug 30, 2025
*Additional Option Years Available

Forescout ESI BPA Contract #N66001-18-A-0005

Dec 21, 2017- Dec 20, 2022

State and Local


Aug 28, 2012- Dec 19, 2026

City of Seattle Contract

Jul 11, 2014- Dec 19, 2026

Maryland Master Contract (COTS)

Oct 01, 2012- Sep 30, 2027

NASPO ValuePoint

Oct 14, 2016- Sep 15, 2026

OH STS 0119Y

May 31, 2012- Dec 19, 2026

Oklahoma DIR Contract # SW1056A

Feb 22, 2019- Feb 21, 2023
*Additional Option Years Available

RCA - Orange County - OMNIA Partners

May 01, 2021- Apr 30, 2023

State of Indiana Contract

Aug 01, 2017- Sep 30, 2022

State of New Mexico Contract

Aug 01, 2017- Dec 31, 2022

Texas DIR-TSO-4288

Feb 22, 2019- Feb 21, 2023
*Additional Option Years Available


E&I Carahsoft Cloud Solutions & Services Distributor Contract

Apr 01, 2021- Mar 31, 2026

Educational Software Solutions and Services - OMNIA Partners, Public Sector

Feb 27, 2020- Apr 30, 2023
*Additional Option Years Available

Illinois Learning Technology Purchase Program (ILTPP)

May 20, 2019- Mar 01, 2023

Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium (MHEC)

Aug 10, 2019- Aug 31, 2024


Oct 20, 2015- Sep 03, 2025

The Quilt

MSA - 05012019F
Apr 01, 2016- May 02, 2025


May 02, 2014- Dec 19, 2026

CMMC Domains


Asset Monitoring

Forescout monitors assets on an on-going basis to ensure that they are in a compliant state. If their posture changes to non-compliance, remediations can occur automatically. Repeat offenders can also flagged for additional attention.

System alerts can be created based-on all sorts of dynamic conditions and actions can be automated. Contextual data gathered by the products native integrations can be upleveled to SIEMs, SOARs, and other products to enrich threat hunting products and practices.

Forescout eyeSight

Forescout eyeSight can leverage our strong and robust integration capabilities to greatly assist with the control of malicious code protection. The product has an understanding of who is logged in to information systems at the time that incidents occur. This context can be reported on or pushed into third-party systems to identify patterns.

Scans can be done to monitor for known malicious file hashes or file names/locations. In addition, the product integrates with third-party EDR systems to ensure they are running and updated properly on information systems. If they detect malicious files, the product can take action.

Forescout eyeSight is able to agentlessly monitor information systems in real time. Forescout helps identify behavior that may indicate Indicators of potential attacks. Forescout eyeSight can help ensure ingress and egress communications are monitored for anomalous behavior depending on policies. You can not only monitor endpoint behavior on the network but control user and devices actions while connected to the network to limit only the minimum access required to perform their functions in real time.

Policies can be created to detect deviations from known good states of an asset. This includes monitoring processes, services, applications, files, or network communications for any occurences that aren't acceptable. The product comes with hundreds of policy conditions that can be used to identify unauthorized usage of organizational systems. Combine that with the boolean nature of the policy engine and thousands of combinations can be created to alert or take action when unauthorized use occurs.


Past Events, Webinars & Trainings


Latest News

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By exploiting flaws in popular video conferencing hardware from DTEN, attackers can monitor audio, capture slides—and take full control of devices.
The recently passed National Defense Authorization Act requires the Department of Defense to compare the capabilities of its Comply-to-Connect initiative (C2C) to those that the Department of Homeland ...
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Defense Information Systems Agency publishes influential STIG validation for ForeScout, documenting its proven technology to provide visibility and control of evolving, IoT-driven systems
ForeScout Technologies, Inc., a leading Internet of Things (IoT) security company, today announced that the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) awarded the company and its federal partners an ...



Read this blog post by Dean Hullings, Global Defense Solutions Strategist at Forescout, to learn more about how Forescout engages with the defense contractor community to implement Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) controls.

Case Study

To fulfill its mission of improving access to quality healthcare for Californians, the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) certifies the safety of hospital and skilled nursing facilities, offers financial assistance to individuals and healthcare institutions and collects and ...

Dramatically Improves Visibility and Control and Projects Huge Compliance Cost Savings

Visibility. Integration. Automation. Forescout Makes A Strong Showing in the Show-Me State.


SilentDefense is a non-intrusive network monitoring and situational awareness platform that provides in-depth visibility and cyber resilience for industrial control systems (ICS) and SCADA networks.SilentDefense protects ICS/SCADA networks from a wide range of threats. It combines patented anomaly d...

Continuously discover, classify and assess devices to gain situational awareness and reduce risk.

Enforce and automate policy-based controls to proactively reduce your attack surface and rapidly respond to incidents.

Centrally manage Forescout deployments across your extended enterprise.

Simple and Non-Disruptive Zero Trust Segmentation for Any Device, Anywhere

Automate EoT security processes and response across your thirdparty solutions