Gyst Interactive Voice Response for Public Sector

Contact Centers that serve the public are, by their very nature, open to a wide audience. Whether it is for social programs like the SSA and Medicare with an older demographic, the DMV and Employment offices for younger ones, or the IRS, US Postal Service, and Government Benefits programs and the like for all ages, there is no denying the wide variety of callers to these government funded programs.

Gyst works best in calling environments like this. It adapts the IVR and Voice Assistants you already own to give your callers a better chance of succeeding at self-serving in the voice channel. In doing so, it saves significant costs in your Contact Center, as automated calls cost 10 - 20 cents to handle on average, whereas agent answered calls can cost as much as $5 - $6 to handle.

In addition, Gyst provides a better Customer Experience for your callers and our Gyst Analytics can help guide you Digital Transformation strategies and help you find and fix pain and friction points your callers struggle with every day.