Offensive Cybersecurity Training and Education for Government

Why is cybersecurity important for governments and the public sector:

  • Risk of a data breach
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Loss of reputation

Challenges for public sector cybersecurity teams today:

  • Governments and public sector organizations manage a vast amount of sensitive and classified information. A breach of that data could result in a significant national security threat, making public sector organizations a lucrative target for hackers. Furthermore, they must adhere to a set of regulatory compliances and standards where failure to do so can result in severe consequences, including financial penalties and damage to reputation.
  • Talent shortage
  • Access to real-world training scenarios that mimic public sector environments

How can OffSec help

OffSec is the leading provider of continuous professional and workforce development, training, and education for government entities. OffSec's distinct pedagogy and practical, hands-on learning help government and federal organizations fill the infosec talent gap by training their teams on today’s most critical skills. This proactive approach enables organizations to thwart vulnerabilities before malicious actors can exploit them.

OffSec's approach also plays a crucial role in strengthening our cybersecurity defenses, aligning seamlessly with the recently published National Cybersecurity Strategy and the National Cyber Workforce and Education Strategy (NCWES) issued by the White House.

Within the realm of the US Federal Government, OffSec plays a pivotal role in advancing the objectives outlined in the National Cybersecurity Strategy. With the OffSec Learning Library featuring 6,000 hours of content, 1,500 videos, 2,500 exercises, and 900 hands-on labs, OffSec demonstrates its commitment to empowering the cybersecurity workforce and the public sector to fight cyber threats with indispensable cybersecurity skills and resources. By engaging with this dynamic training platform, cybersecurity teams can stay updated on the latest attack vectors and defense strategies, ensuring they're always ahead.

OffSec's robust training platform provides real-time simulations where public sector security practitioners can face and deflect cyber-attacks, allowing them to hone their skills in a controlled environment. With this hands-on focus in training, government organizations can ensure that they understand the regulatory landscape and implement best practices that exceed the minimum requirements.


August 2023: Announcing new defensive capabilities in the OffSec Cyber Range

While there are several cyber range platforms available, the OffSec Cyber Range (OCR) distinguishes itself with its focus on realism, up-to-date exploit scenarios, and its ability to cater to a wide range of cybersecurity roles. Whether you’re looking to train your red teams consisting of penetration testers and exploit developers, or blue teams with SOC Analysts, threat hunters, and system administrators, OCR has something to offer.

OCR provides a highly realistic and engaging experience, meticulously crafted to replicate real-world environments. This realism extends to the exploits and attack scenarios, which are regularly updated to reflect the evolving cyber threat landscape. 

With new attack vectors typically incorporated into the OCR just two weeks after their public release, you’re not merely studying past threats. Instead, you’re proactively equipping yourself with knowledge to preemptively tackle future cybersecurity challenges.

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