Learn how to increase staff efficiency and improve citizen experience.

For over 26 years, Spatial Data Logic’s municipal management software has helped bridge the gap between municipalities and their residents by providing visibility across departments, streamlining workflow for staff, and enabling self-service access for residents. Our software spans many municipal departments, processes, and functions.

Our core product, SDL Connect, combines cloud-based software, citizen engagement platforms, and mobile applications. This offers municipalities unparalleled flexibility, empowering departments to work efficiently from the office or the field while meeting citizen expectations both in person and online.

SDL Connect includes everything users need to create and manage online forms with built-in workflows, while our citizen platforms provide a seamless way for the public to engage with those services online.

SDL Connect’s digital form builder offers the flexibility to create forms and associate processes for simple use cases like parking permits, recycling permits, and job applications. Our predefined workflows can be used for more complex use cases like permitting, licensing, and complaints, making it easy for departments to:

  • Offer online services to residents
  • Configure backend processes including approvals and notifications
  • Collect payments and signatures
  • Leverage inspections
  • Automate renewals
  • Process, manage, and track submissions

Whether you need structured processes or something tailored to your department’s specific needs, SDL Connect gets your digital applications, submissions, and backend processes online quickly.