Cyber Risk Remediation IoT /IoMT Platform for Today and Future

Asimily is an industry-leading risk management platform which secures IoT devices across all verticals and organizations.  Leveraging parameters collected from connected devices, unique algorithms, and pre-existing device profiles, Asimily accurately classifies connected devices and maintains a robust and accurate inventory of all connected devices. In addition, Asimily enables prioritized vulnerability management, rapid exploit analysis and automated prioritization of threats to support forensic incident response with minimal business disruption.  Monitoring organizations’ devices, detecting anomalous behaviors, alerting operators to remediate any identified anomalies, and providing the Incident Response service with “readiness” data is only a few differentials.

Where is the “IoT Risk”? How can it be measured?

And how can it be reduced effectively? These are the questions Asimily addresses for customers globally.

  • Visibility – Real time, all assets, apps & connections.
  • Vulnerability Mgmt. – Identify & prioritize risk.
  • Incident Readiness – Reduce time to respond & conduct forensic analysis.
  • Procurement Risk Assessments – Reduce 20hr assessments to minutes.

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