The Only File Architecture Built for Hybrid Cloud Storage

Nasuni replaces your NetApp, Dell Isilon, and Windows file servers, along with their legacy backup and DR, with a hybrid cloud storage solution that has a superior architecture.  

A Hybrid cloud storage architecture is the best way to solve double-digit data growth and high-performance access.  The file data platform from Nasuni is based in object storage from AWS, Azure, and Google and offers a superior approach to hybrid cloud for three reasons:

  • Effortless Scale powered by object storage's limitless capacity, durability, and cost-effectiveness. You can consolidate all your NAS and Windows file server silos to a single global file system/namespace.
  • Built-in In Security enterprise features you expect, like encryption, and some you don’t expect, like infinite snapshots and ransomware protection.
  • Fast Edge Access high-speed collaboration across locations with edge sync and global file lock.

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