Salesforce advisory services tailored to meet your unique needs.

Aimpoint Technology is a Salesforce consulting and implementation partner. What sets us apart is our deep industry expertise and long standing relationships within the Salesforce public sector space. Our team knows what works well and how to optimize and build effective Salesforce programs.

Aimpoint offers:

Experience Leadership -- Our team brings 40+ years of Salesforce experience to your project. Including over 20 years experience within Customer Success at Salesforce. 

We have seen everything that can happen in a Salesforce program and know how to engage to accelerate business value.

Certified Experts -- Aimpoint team members are highly certified Salesforce professionals. The team supporting your project will bring a range of Salesforce certifications covering advanced platform capabilities, such as:

- Application Architecture

- Data Architecture

- Integration Architecture

- Security

- Sales and Service Cloud

- Experience Cloud

- OmniStudio

- And more.

Industry Knowledge -- Aimpoint knows how to deploy Salesforce for public sector use cases. Our team has over 35 years experience supporting public sector Salesforce projects as a customer, as a Systems Integrator and as a trusted advisor. 

We have been part of Salesforce’s public sector growth and have the knowledge to help accelerate your Salesforce journey.