IMO industry-leading clinical terminology, NLP, and code mappings

Since 1994, IMO has powered data capture at the point of care with comprehensive clinical terminology and code mappings that allow clinicians to document in their own words while capturing the necessary clinical details and billing codes behind the scenes. Integrated into the clinical workflows of all major EHR solutions, our terminology is used by 740,000 US physicians during the point-of-care documentation.

IMO terminology is clinically vetted, always current, and meticulously mapped to the right standardized codes. Our dedicated team comprises over 400 full-time employees located across the US, including physicians, terminologists, PhD-level healthcare informaticists and former hospital CIOs and CMOs. These experts work collaboratively to manage the complexity of more than 5 million terms and mappings to 36 code systems.

Unlock the power of clinical data with IMO Precision Normalize

IMO Precision Normalize, a SaaS platform, efficiently standardizes inconsistent clinical data from diverse systems into consistent, structured, clinically validated terminology that is comprehensively mapped to all major standard code systems. Built on the industry-leading foundation of clinical terminology and code mappings, combined with specialized NLP models and tools optimized for clinical and biomedical applications, our solution is uniquely designed to accurately identify clinical concepts and operationalize both structured and free text, unstructured data, faster.

In today’s digital age, data is at the heart of decision-making, innovation, and service delivery within the public sector. Government agencies, healthcare organizations, and public health institutions rely on data to improve public services, optimize resource allocation, and safeguard public health. However, as the healthcare IT ecosystem expands and grows in complexity, patient data presents both an opportunity and a challenge. The increasing volume of patient data is a valuable resource for the government, driving care delivery, response readiness to health threats, identifying health inequalities; and supporting clinical research and reimbursement. 

Yet, extracting and aggregating clinical data from diverse health information systems is increasingly challenging. With nearly 80% of clinical data being unstructured, it can be inconsistent and riddled with gaps, especially as it moves across the healthcare ecosystem. Consequently, valuable staff time is spent manually cleaning and organizing information, creating an unnecessary drain on resources that not only slows down decision-making but also disrupts efforts to effectively monitor, track and respond to health threats effectively.

With IMO Precision Normalize, you can efficiently extract and standardize inconsistent structured and unstructured diagnoses, procedures, medication, and lab data from disparate systems stored within your data warehouses or lakes. IMO Precision Normalize enhances consistency and adds specificity to clinical data, transforming it into a clean, reliable, standardized data foundation ready for analysis and compliant with evolving standards. This solution reapplies missing standard codes, supplements with metadata such as secondary codes for deeper insights and fills information gaps.

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