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Secure Cloud Data Management Platform for Government

Veritas Technologies empowers public sector organizations to harness the power of their information in constantly evolving and diverse operating environments. With data management solutions designed to improve cyber resiliency, Veritas is the trusted security solution for 100% of federal cabinet-level agencies. Veritas software enhances data availability and unlocks valuable insights that enable data-driven decision-making

Data Security, Protection and Governance
Come Together with 360 Defense

Take control of your data by simplifying management and protection of data across clouds and enviroments, at any scale. Veritas 360 Defense integrates data security, data protection, and data governance, providing differentiated capabilities through the Veritas portfolio and an extensive partner ecosystem. 360 Defense is tested against real-world ransomware in order to better detect, contain, and recover. Discover how an expansive 360 Defense can help your organization build resiliency.

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Enhance Cloud Data Management with Veritas Alta
Come Together with 360 Defense

Veritas Alta is a secure cloud data management platform that revolutionizes storage management and simplifies incident recovery – on one intuitive dashboard. Leverage AI and machine learning to automate cloud backup services, navigate hybrid cloud complexities and protect your organization’s sensitive data from cyber threats. Explore how Veritas Alta accelerates data management and streamlines public sector IT operations by unifying data security, compliance and ransomware resilience.

InfoScale Unleashes the Power of Data Availability

Veritas Infoscale is a software-defined availability solution with application integration capabilities that seamlessly connect with physical, virtual or cloud IT operations. With Veritas Infoscale, government organizations can ensure the continuous availability of big data for all critical public services. Discover how your agency can increase agility by automating application migrations.

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Automate Data Archiving and Information Governance with Enterprise Vault

Veritas Enterprise Vault enhances surveillance for government agencies on a data retention management platform that securely stores and classifies critical information for easy access. With automated data classification tools, Enterprise Vault manages archived data for quick eDiscovery while maintaining compliance requirements. Discover how Enterprise Vault contextualizes communication and content data in the public sector with innovative storage, management and discovery capabilities.

NetBackup Protects Data for Modern Government

Veritas NetBackup data management platform drives digital transformation for every level of government and 87% of the Fortune Global 500 companies. From managing on-premise infrastructures to cloud deployments, Veritas Technologies’ backup and disaster recovery solution leverages AI to simplify data management and security processes.

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Harnessing the Power of Data with Veritas

Veritas partners with Carahsoft to support healthcare, education and government organizations as they modernize and scale their data storage capabilities. With Veritas hybrid cloud and data management platform, your organization can securely manage sensitive information across complex operational environments to:

  • make accurate, data-driven decisions
  • streamline operations
  • enhance cybersecurity resilience

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