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NowSecure is the mobile app security and privacy software company trusted by the world’s most demanding organizations and agencies. NowSecure protects millions of mobile app users across banking, insurance, high tech, IOT, retail, hospitality, energy and government sectors.

NowSecure augments MDM solutions with intelligence to vet millions of public mobile apps before they get installed on devices and leak sensitive data. For Agile and DevOps initiatives, NowSecure delivers fully automated mobile app security, compliance and privacy testing software with speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

Through static, dynamic, behavioral and interactive mobile app security testing on real Android and iOS devices, NowSecure identifies the broadest array of security threats, compliance gaps, and privacy risks. NowSecure customers can choose automated software on-premises or in the cloud, mobile app penetration testing and expert consulting services, or a combination of all as needed. Learn more at www.nowsecure.com.


  • NowSecure Intel

    Get intelligence on millions of public mobile apps. NowSecure Data provides continuous monitoring of commercial apps for security, privacy and compliance risks so you have the visibility to make wise procurement, whitelist and blacklist decisions.

    Make Swift, Smart Decisions About 3rd-Party App Risk

    Mobility and security teams know that even apps published to the Apple® App Store® or Google Play™ store can carry risk-potentially exposing sensitive data-at-rest, leaking data-in-transit, harboring malicious code, setting the stage for cross-platform attacks, or more. And whether officially approved or not, most employees today use mobile devices and public app-store apps at work. Read More
  • NowSecure Workstation

    Built by mobile app pen testers for pen testers, this pre-configured hardware & software kit compresses mobile app security, compliance and privacy testing time from days to hours and enables repeatable testing with pre-formatted reporting built in.

    The Gold Standard of Mobile Application Security Penetration Testing

    Mobile security professionals are tasked to quickly conduct thorough security analysis on business-critical and high risk scenario mobile apps. Traditionally, analysts must cobble together numerous open source and third party tools for results; combining and configuring these tools takes significant time, creates inconsistent testing environments and offers little in the way of unified reporting. Read More

  • NowSecure Platform

    Purpose-built for Mobile DevSecOps, the NowSecure Platform automates static and dynamic security testing, available on-demand or fully integrated within the mobile app software development life cycle (SDLC).

    NowSecure Platform

    The NowSecure Platform centralizes and streamlines modern mobile app security and privacy testing within one, easy-to-use portal. Purpose-built for mobile app DevSecOps, the NowSecure Platform provides fully automated static and dynamic security testing, which can be integrated directly within the mobile app software development life cycle (SDLC). Read More

  • NowSecure Services

    As your partner in mobile app security, NowSecure Services is like an extension of your team, whether you need manual penetration testing, assessment of enterprise risk across apps on employee devices, developer training, technical support, or assistance in growing your mobile app security program.

    Elite, industry-leading team of mobile application security experts

    NowSecure mobile security experts recognized early on that mobile apps were often the source of vulnerabilities and data leakage and set about building expert services and products to address these failings. Our passionate team has remained at the forefront of mobile appsec security via industry-leading research, open-source sponsorship and continuous exploration of mobile risks, threats and vulnerabilities. Read More


NIAP Mobile App Vetting — NowSecure Announces World’s First Automated Testing Solution

Mobile apps are critical to enabling the U.S. federal agencies such as the U.S Department of Defense to meet their mission. Core to that mission is ensuring a high security testing bar for the mobile apps they build and use. Until now, completing that security compliance testing has been a complicated, time-consuming manual process that was built for web apps, not mobile apps. Learn More...



GSA Schedule 70

Dec 20, 2011- Dec 19, 2021


Mar 03, 2015- Aug 10, 2020
*Additional Option Years Available


Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium (MHEC)

Aug 10, 2019- Jun 30, 2022


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This IDC MarketScape Excerpt Features NowSecure

NowSecure Workstation streamlines modern testing for mobile app security and privacy with a single easy-to-use testing kit.

Automated vetting speeds deployment of apps to meet the federal mission.


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