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Gain cybersecurity insights through TAG’s on-demand research and
advisory services

Public sector teams must contend today with the on-going challenge of a complex and ever-changing commercial marketplace for cybersecurity products and services. To address this challenge, it is essential that the Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and their teams in federal, state, and local agencies have a firm handle on cybersecurity trends, especially as they relate to support from commercial vendors.

TAG Infosphere is the premier choice for modern public sector teams who are addressing this challenge. The AI-powered SaaS-based platform solution from TAG includes on-demand research, expert guidance, and detailed support for cybersecurity teams dealing with nation-state cyber threats, as well as significant pressure to maintain compliance with federal, state, and local regulatory demands.

TAG is the trusted partner of choice for public sector teams needing the most timely and relevant research and advisory support in cyber. With research analysts coming directly from CISO roles in government and industry, and with the day-to-day insights gained from dealing with hundreds of major enterprise teams across the United States, TAG emerges as the best available option for security practitioners in government contexts.

Specifically, TAG’s Research as a Service (RaaS) includes on-demand support for day-to-day inquiries, rapid response to the need for research and advisory support in cybersecurity, access to live and recorded events often led by TAG’s founder, Dr. Edward Amoroso, former Chief Security Officer of AT&T, and also access to research in adjacent areas of artificial intelligence, networking, and cloud computing.

TAG customers in the public sector also have access to special publications and research on topics ranging from nation-state supply chain threats to future challenges addressing cybersecurity in space applications. Federal, state, and local cybersecurity teams are wise to include TAG research and advisory services in their arsenal as they work hard to protect resources in our country.