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Dell Technologies for the Public Sector

Dell Technologies services the federal government and supports their IT programs from system modernization to cloud integration. We empower countries, communities, customers, and officials to serve the public with effectiveness and efficiency. Carahsoft is a Dell partner, and together we can offer federal, state, and local government solutions on various contract vehicles to give you cost-effective products and services. Customers trust us to deliver technology that helps achieve more, whether they're at home, work, school or anywhere in their world.

Federal Government IT Solutions

The technology landscape is changing rapidly, and Dell is committed to delivering modern infrastructure and emerging technology for mission-critical environments. With the assistance of Carahsoft, we're able to make the procurement process simple and quick. See how Dell's products and services meet your needs, talk to one of our experts.

State, Local & Education Government IT Solutions

From education to public safety, we are there to build and secure IT infrastructure, support workforce transformation, enhance security, and deploy new digital services for citizens. See what our customers have to say about our government solutions under our State, Local, and Education tab.

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Dell Renewal Upsell Program

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Increasing Your Revenue with Dell Technologies Solutions!

  • The Carahsoft Dell Renewals Program is designed to help our key strategic partner organize, man offload their renewals while taking advantage of Carahsoft's expertise to turn those renewals into easy tasks.
  • Contact our Dell Renewals team.

Success Stories

Building a Manageable High-Performing Network

High-performance car maker Shelby American minimizes IT overhead by running its business on an IT infrastructure with Silver Peak SD-WAN and Dell Technologies Networking solutions.

Digital Transformation in the Learning Environment

McAllen Independent School District equips students with 21st-century skills and saves $1 million in rebuilding its network.

HPC Tailored to Research Needs with OpenStack Cloud

With a centralized, open-source HPC model, the University of Kentucky offers academic researchers flexible compute resources while reducing licensing costs by up to 60 percent.

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FDCCI & FITARA: Transform Critical IT and Data Center Infrastructure with Dell

Dell Technologies provides many capabilities and options to assist Federal Government Information Technology departments in addressing the many aspects of the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative (FDCCI) as well as the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA).

To assist the Federal Government in addressing FDCCI and improving FITARA compliance, federal agencies must continue to modernize and to modernize the data center. We believe that there are four foundational pillars or attributes that must be implemented to comply with FITARA via the Modern Data Center:

Data Storage

Flash based storage reduces the number of drives required to deliver greater performance, which in turn dramatically reduces the cost of delivering consistent and predictable low-latency performance. The reduction in drives would help contribute to part of the FDCCI and FITARA initiatives to reduce floor space, power consumption, and cooling requirements needed to deliver day-to-day storage services. The economics have approached an inflection point, as increasing capacities and decreasing flash prices have combined to drive capacity efficiencies.

Scale Out System

Utilizing a scale-out architectural design allows IT departments to deploy systems with a low-cost entry point, while providing a modular approach to scaling out the infrastructure as requirements grow. By designing systems to scale as a single-managed, scale-out system, federal IT departments can efficiently manage massive capacities with few resources. This is critical when dealing with ever-expanding workloads and the need to iterate and expand services in a rapid time frame. A scale-out architecture design facilitates rapid and modular expansion as needed, which enables federal IT organizations to address consolidation and closure of existing data centers.

Software-Defined Networking Model

Using a software-defined model allows Federal IT organizations to automate configuration and deployment of IT services, deliver greater business agility and a more flexible, programmable approach to managing data services. The Automation of Infrastructure Management is another initiative of the FITARA. Leveraging a software-defined model will accelerate this process.

Multi-Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud-enabled infrastructures are fundamental to Modern Data Center design. Infrastructure services must be delivered via policy-driven methodologies. To achieve true agility, speed, and efficiency, these policies must extend beyond the data center. IT must have the ability to deploy and manage information and applications – both on- and off-premise – as well as the flexibility to move those workloads back and forth as a business requires. In Dell Technologies hybrid cloud, workloads exist on-premise, which provides a path for organizations to move workloads into the cloud or create workloads in the cloud as needed. Being cloud enabled will allow federal IT agencies to address the Cloud Investment initiative.

Let Dell Technologies solutions help your agency with FITARA implementation goals with the VxRail™ Hyper Converged Appliance .

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