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LTE, Mission-Critical Push-to-Talk Solution with Panic Alert Technology

With headquarters in Florida and presence in Brazil, Argentina and Spain, Gallus Communications supports partners and customers throughout our territory. Representing and distributing hardware and software solutions from high quality and innovative suppliers, Gallus Communications partners with highly skilled engineering local companies with background in the Public Safety radio communications and cellular carrier market segments that are helping their customers understand the new technologies and migrate from traditional solutions to state-of-the-art technological solutions.

Under TASSTA Americas branding we provide the most advanced software for mission critical push-to-talk communications on the global market that ensures workers’ safety, uninterrupted communications as well as secures critical businesses operations. Our software is FIRSTNET certified.

We have a special focus in School Safety with Enhanced Panic Alert that increases security, alerts the entire staff including external law enforcement departments and even integrates with gun detection sensors for active shooter situations. The most advanced silent panic button technology with real-time audio and video.

TASSTA mission critical solutions are created with the following guidelines in mind:


TASSTA adjusts all the necessary features and components of the solution to meet customers’ needs. This makes TASSTA products one of the best offers in terms of functionality and the cost. Thanks to the skilled and professional developers and support teams, any new feature, extra devices and accessories can be easily added to the solution upon the customer’s request.


There are dozens of reasons why organizations use various types of LMR radio networks within one organization and even a small site. We know how vital it is to finally come up with a comprehensive system that can manage all of them efficiently. TASSTA empowers both professional radios and common smartphones to make them more effective and reliable companions for the workers. With TASSTA, companies don’t need to replenish their devices with new ones. No matter what they are, TASSTA is compatible with each of them.


TASSTA has been working on the development of mission critical solutions for more than 10 years now. We are proud to say that we have already gained recognition of huge companies. The successful management and sales team are keeping up with the newest mission critical communication industry updates and listening to the customers’ needs. Together with our partners, we make a highly reliable product both in software and hardware.


Another important issue of any corporate communication system is to make it safe and secure. TASSTA, unlike many other companies, offers customers a choice of several deployment options: on premises, private cloud or TASSTA managed cloud. Thus, it is always possible to choose the most secure, yet efficient option based on performance characteristics and compliance requirements.

Technological advantage

We appreciate the experience, but always look forward to offering our customers the most innovative, yet proven to be safe and effective, solutions. The ability to manage a bigger variety of devices, to manage the talk groups in any manner needed, to set mission critical communication the way our customers want (not the way it is possible in the app) is what we strive for every day.

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