Overwatch Data: Automated, AI-powered OSINT, Cyber & Fraud Threat Intel 

The need for accurate, timely and reliable, open-source intelligence (OSINT) and Cyber Threat Intelligence is critical in the public sector, where effective service delivery, risk management, and threat mitigation are paramount. Public sector entities, including law enforcement agencies, intelligence groups, cybersecurity teams, and public health and communications departments, consistently face challenges in sifting through vast amounts of unstructured data and turning it into targeted action, whether from commercial sources, the open web, social media, government websites, dark web, and closed web.

Given their limited resources, these organizations need efficient solutions to harness the power of OSINT without the burden of managing overwhelming volumes of data or maintaining extensive analyst teams to sift through the noise.

Overwatch Data addresses this gap by offering an intelligent AI agent that automates the detection, extraction, and analysis process to deliver not only relevant raw OSINT data but also intel reports tailored to the specific needs of the public sector agency. Our agents can also automate additional tasks in your workflow. Our platform simplifies the intelligence process, enabling public sector teams to focus on strategic decision-making rather than data management and alert fatigue. For instance, cybersecurity teams within public agencies often grapple with numerous reports and alerts to identify active malware, new vulnerabilities, ransomware threats, 3rd party vendor risks, compromised credentials and credit cards, fraudulent checks, and dark web TTPs. The challenge extends to understanding indicators of compromise (IOCs) and taking preemptive actions to thwart potential attacks. Additionally, these teams frequently encounter 'alert fatigue' due to irrelevant or redundant alerts, particularly those originating from dark web mentions. View a click-through demo of our platform here.

With Overwatch Data, these teams are only alerted to threats that matter to them ,including their organization, sector, relevant 3rd parties, their tech stack, and locations or entities that matter to them. Furthermore, each alert comes with all the most relevant context, including background on the event, the threat actor, IOCs, and relevant images etc. Teams can also use Overwatch to automate certain actions e.g. checking if credentials are still active, and manage escalation and investigations workflows.

Beyond cybersecurity and fraud, public sector teams leverage our services to detect and monitor critical events, track narratives, and other trends without the need for large in-house research and analyst teams. Overwatch Data effectively acts as a virtual extension of their team, with capabilities that span multiple languages and global insights. This functionality is crucial for various applications, from detecting early signs of disease outbreaks to monitoring factory openings in Asia.

Ultimately, Overwatch Data serves as a strategic ally to the public sector, equipping organizations with the tools needed for a range of OSINT purposes, including cyber and fraud threat intelligence, physical security, geopolitical risk assessment, narrative tracking, regulatory intelligence, and enhancing supply chain resilience. This integration of services not only aids in immediate threat detection and response but also supports long-term planning and risk management, ensuring that public sector entities are always one step ahead.