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Public Sector Solutions from Intensity Analytics

Intensity Analytics core behavioral analytics technology and series of integrations are geared for government and the education community. Here are several ways we can help:

  • Authentication – adding a layer of frictionless authentication to your login process to fortify identities without the hassle of tokens or devices. It works with PIV cards and is easily integrated with commonly used identity platforms and web portals.
  • Remote Work – bundling behavior analytics solutions to secure the login with multifactor authentication and to measure work intensity making work safe and productive without negatively impacting the user experience.
  • E-Learning – validating identity at login and attributing work product to the student with frictionless behavioral analytics adds integrity to online education.
  • Productivity – user behavior from keystrokes and mouse activity, combined with machine data helps manage productivity without overstepping privacy boundaries.
  • Insider Threat – continuous analysis of behavior analytics from keystroke dynamics provides otherwise unavailable attribution data to fortify highly secure government applications for insider threat analysis.
  • Research – provide technology to enable patented keystroke analysis for academic researchers who are working on Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease and other health conditions which may manifest symptoms related to neuromotor function.

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