Plurilock delivers user based preventative, instantaneous, and continuous solutions for workplace authentication and regulatory compliance.

Its software strengthens workplace cybersecurity using sophisticated behavioral biometrics to identify authorized users by their keystrokes and mouse movements and neutralize insider threats, stolen or shared credentials, remote access Trojans, USB scripting attacks, and more human based threats.


  • BioTracker
    BioTracker, Plurilock's flagship product, verifies the intended, authorized user by comparing the keystrokes and mouse dynamics on the workstation to the user's behavioral-biometric profile. The profile is created frictionlessly during the enrollment period, where the user simply goes about their daily tasks on the workstation. Once enrolled, our patented algorithms continuously learn, enhancing the profile.

    BioTracker strengthens workplace cybersecurity using patented behavioral biometrics to for identity assurance and to neutralize threats. The platform not only identifies people through their workplace behavior, but maintains an audit log, and autonomously challenges threats.

    BioTracker is a complete solution, but also available as a suite of modules that can provide the power of behavioral biometrics to boost a variety of IT and cybersecurity solutions
  • BT Defend

    Whether you have a PC or a Mac, BioTracker continuously monitors the way you type on a keyboard or use the mouse (not what you type or what you click on) and keeps your desktop or laptop protected by constantly ensuring it's you who is on the workstation and not someone who has taken over your machine. BioTracker can protect your organization against account take-overs, shared or stolen credentials, rubber ducky and similar automated threats, remote trojans, and user carelessness.

  • BT Aware

    BioTracker can be easily integrated into your SEIM or UBA and deployed in passive mode to provide you with more control over how to challenge or monitor anomalous activities.


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BioTracker’s patented AI solution leverages behavioral biometrics, contextual telemetry, and cognitive insights to authenticate users by the way they use their computer.

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Product Brief
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Product Brief
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BioTracker consists of scalable, micro-services based modules with API interfaces that make the platform extremely flexible and secure to deploy. Learn more!

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