AI-Powered Visual Intelligence Platform for the Public Sector is a national security-focused software firm based in Silicon Valley, California with offices in the DC metro area. All proprietary coding is accomplished in’s Silicon Valley office in the United States by’s scientists and engineers.’s top six scientists (out of 65 scientists and engineers) hold PhDs in computer vision or applied mathematics, with 68+ patents in AI and computer vision and nearly 120 published papers in the leading CV journals and conferences. Collectively they have pioneered cutting edge approaches to visual intelligence and have led engineering and product design efforts at market-leading firms, including Microsoft, Google, and Uber.  The Chief Product Officer is Raj J. Shah, previous head of Google Maps Data and subsequently Microsoft Bing Maps.  The CEO is Balan Ayyar, an experienced technology leader, and former CJIATF Commanding General in Afghanistan with direct experience in force protection and these important warfighting missions.

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