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The Ultimate Endpoint OS for Unrivaled Security in End User Computing

Securely connecting to modern digital workspaces, protecting personal data, supporting a mobile, geographically distributed workforce and ensuring business continuity are mission critical goals in government IT.

Stratodesk NoTouch, a high security, hardware agnostic and easily manageable Operating System, specifically designed for work from anywhere, helps governments, local, regional and federal agencies and their contractors to reach these goals while cutting costs and enhancing user experience.

Government organizations can benefit from the following Stratodesk award-winning technologies:

  • Ultra-secure OS: NoTouch OS is an immutable, zero-trust, small footprint, security enhanced OS, based on Linux. No personal or sensitive data is ever stored or written locally on a NoTouch device. Removing sensitive data from local device storage and bringing this information to the datacenter decreases the chance of a compromised, lost or stolen endpoint.
  • Disk Encryption: The hard disk/SSD can be fully encrypted on a NoTouch device. This adds another layer of security. To protect against external security risks, port access can be set to zero or securely assigned, limited and managed.
  • Hardware agnostic & Cloud/DaaS/VDI Agnostic: NoTouch OS is 100% vendor and platform agnostic and runs on any X86-compatible device, including PCs, thin client devices, laptops, All-in-ones and tablets. NoTouch OS is verified through the Stratodesk PLUS program with many hardware providers as a fully integrated and supported solution on their hardware. With NoTouch distributed government services can securely access any Cloud workspace or any DaaS/VDI solution. As a longstanding VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, and Amazon partner, Stratodesk delivers day-one updates of integrated third-party clients and protocols, unified communication  and authentication tools.
  • Identity and access control: To meet compliance regulations and strict control of critical and confidential data, NoTouch features Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Single Sign-On (SSO), and support for CAC SIPRNet Token/PIV Smart Cards using 90Meter’s middleware to enable secure and fast authentication on both classified and non-classified networks.
  • Quick and Easy “No-Touch” deployment and centralized management: Government and military workers must access the network not only at multiple work sites but also on the go without compromising security. Stratodesk NoTouch Center, the administration platform for all NoTouch devices, makes it simple to deploy, manage and monitor each user’s endpoint. On premises and cloud-based management options provide even more flexibility and greater control over device usage and device access

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