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As personal devices grow in popularity, the public sector workplace has evolved to be more mobile. Employees expect mobile experiences that deliver fast, reliable access to work applications, devices and data from any location. To meet that expectation, government organizations are supporting their remote or hybrid workforce with digital workflows and collaboration tools that maintain data security and fulfill compliance requirements.


Carahsoft’s Mobility Portfolio provides industry-leading, emerging technology solutions to help the public sector meet the rapidly changing needs of their organization. Our partners provide solutions for mobile collaboration and security as well as access management for devices, applications and data.

Trusted Telework and Mobile Technology Services for Government

Government organizations need to adapt traditional programs to reflect that rapidly shifting needs of their workforce. Solutions and services from our vendors partners help agencies create operational mobile and telework environments that:

  • Secure private data
  • Maximize productivity
  • Lower budget costs

Achieve mission objectives with Carahsoft’s portfolio of Mobility solution providers below.

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All Mobility Vendors

Discover Mobility Innovations

Mobile applications introduce new security vulnerabilities. Brian Reed, chief mobility officer for NowSecure, describes the risk landscape and shares key steps to a mobile application security program.
Today, mobile devices are prime targets for cybercriminals because they contain more and more sensitive employee, constituent and operational data. Jim Kovach, vice president for public sector at Zimperium, explains why signature-based threat detection is obsolete and device attestation is in.
In this Q&A, the BlackBerry Sales Engineering team lays out key considerations for state and local governments as their mobility programs expand and morph to take advantage of emerging technologies and accommodate new use cases.

Trends in Mobile Technology

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Latest Mobility Technology News 

Carahsoft March 26, 2019

SwiftStack's reference architecture for AI and machine learning bundles Nvidia servers for compute and disk-based Cisco or Dell EMC servers to scale object storage.


Carahsoft March 15, 2019

Mass transit system payment systems were built before the dawn of smartphones and before newer transportation options, such as Uber, Lyft, Zipcar and bike sharing, were even imagined. As a result, the user experience across these different services can sometimes feel like a 1980s throwback.