Compliance Solutions for Local Government

Founded in 1978, Avenu Insights & Analytics, LLC (“Avenu”) is a privately-owned short-term rental (STR), tax compliance, and tax administration services company that specializes in helping state and local governments across the nation to preserve, enhance, and manage their tax revenue base. Avenu’s full suite of offerings include Short-Term Rental (STR) ordinance monitoring, compliance, administration, and management. Avenu has a dedicated team of over 200 experts who provide these professional services to 900 customers throughout the US and worldwide.

Avenu has a national footprint of 700 employees, 12 national offices, all strategically dispersed throughout the country to ensure our customer receive expected service levels. Avenu supports customers in all 50 states, at the state, county, city, and town level. Each year our revenue recovery professionals help recover and administer over $3 billion in new general fund tax revenue each year.

For the last six consecutive years, Avenu was recognized as a GovTech 100 Company representing “the top 100 companies focused on making a difference in and selling to state and local government agencies” across the United States. Our demonstrated expertise and full-service approach has led Avenu to be the industry leader in STR identification, monitoring, compliance, and revenue administration. We support local governments of all sizes and scales and bring the broad experience and deep insight that state and local government needs.

Additionally, Avenu provides several other services all tailored specifically to meet the growing needs of state and local governments. This includes document processing services, digitization, records management, Information Technology Managed Services, and more which further improve the value of the relationship beyond today’s opportunity.