Empowering Local Governments with Tailored Solutions

Aclarian LLC was founded in Tampa, Florida, in 2020. Its mission is to provide local governments with powerful software solutions that meet their unique needs. They have created the CORE Financial Suite, an all-in-one ERP solution designed specifically for the complex requirements of local government entities.
What sets Aclarian apart is its commitment to understanding and addressing its clients' unique challenges. Aclarian works with its clients to deliver tailored solutions that optimize operational efficiency and improve service delivery.
The CORE Financial Suite includes modules such as a general ledger suite, interactive budgeting, tailored reporting tools, task management capabilities, and a specialized lease accounting module that complies with GASB 87 and 96 standards.
Aclarian's philosophy is rooted in collaboration and seamless integration. They offer full API integrations, empowering local governments to access a tailored 'best-of-breed' solution that precisely meets their needs. This approach eliminates the need for costly customizations while significantly enhancing functionality across resource management, financial operations, and service delivery.
Aclarian is unwavering in its pursuit of efficiency, innovation, and sustained success. Its web-based accessibility and cloud infrastructure ensure broad reach and scalability. Its administrative processes are streamlined, bolstering operational efficiency while upholding data integrity and security standards.
Aclarian's multi-tenant architecture gives businesses a competitive advantage by delivering scalability and agility. This allows businesses to adapt quickly to evolving market demands and scale their operations without significant IT overhead. In contrast, established companies relying on outdated technology may need help to keep pace with modern business requirements, leading to inefficiencies, higher costs, and limited flexibility in meeting the dynamic needs of today's digital landscape.