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Healthcare organizations use the Cynerio Healthcare IoT Security platform to gain total control of every connected device, from Enterprise IoT and OT to IoMT. Cynerio’s full-suite platform caters to healthcare organizations (HDOs) and answers the needs of every healthcare professional, from C-level executives to Network Security and Biomed/CE teams to promote comprehensive organizational fitness.

A comprehensive suite of tools ensures continuous medical services and the safety and security of every patient with deep insights into asset inventory and medical device behavior, customized segmentation policies, and forensics to mitigate threats and maintain robust cybersecurity posture.


As the only Healthcare IoT Security platform with a healthcare-focused, risk-based approach to cybersecurity and asset management, Cynerio provides total control with:

  • Asset Management

    Gain comprehensive visibility into every connected device, whether it's Enterprise IoT, OT, or IoMT, its vulnerabilities, risk profile, real-time location, and utilization patterns.

  • Threat Detection & Mitigation

    Identify threats, anomalous communications, and clinical risk impact with real-time alerts and clinical insights powered by a combination of AI and Cynerio's in-house research team.

  • Segment with Confidence

    Leverage Cynerio's Virtual Segmentation capability to gain a central point of management that allows you to stay compliant, easily generate segmentation policies, then test, tune up, and enforce with 100% confidence in continuous healthcare services.

  • Modular, Role-Based Dashboards

    Customize dashboards and get a single-pane-of-glass view for every healthcare professional, from C-level to Biomed/CE to IT Security personnel with high-level views and deep drilldowns into device communications, operations, and asset management.


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State of Wyoming Cloud Solutions Contract- NASPO

Oct 14, 2016- Sep 15, 2026


Illinois Learning Technology Purchase Program (ILTPP)

May 20, 2019- Mar 01, 2022


Oct 20, 2015- Sep 03, 2025


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Case Study

Cynerio provides hospitals with an indepth understanding of medical device behavior and delivers tailored and enforceable north-south segmentation policies for every kind of connection, considering four primary challenges.

Securing Clinical Ecosystems Against Unpatchable Connected Devices

Enforcing Segmentation Policies on Clinical Networks with Confidence


Leveraging device utilization data to optimize healthcare facilities management


In this guide we explain the problem of connected medical devices and present a three-phase process for identifying and mitigating risks. Establishing cybersecurity layers for medical devices is a multi-staged, ongoing process, which can be successful when it starts from a strong foundation and take...


A comprehensive checklist made to help professionals in healthcare manage every stage of the medical device security lifecycle.

Learn how Cynerio can help you secure your clinical ecosystem with an automated Healthcare IoT security tool that helps you safely and easily segment your network, secure your IoMT devices, and protect your patients.

Solutions Brief

Cynerio Solutions Brief
Download this toolkit to learn more about tackling challenges, saving time, and making the most of resources.


In this white paper, we explore basic concepts of segmentation, explain why it is difficult for hospitals to achieve, and present an innovative technical solution that can make segmentation achievable and practical for any hospital network.