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Systecon and Opus Suite provide industry leaders worldwide with the capability to excel in optimization and decision-making, enabling clients to design, develop, procure and implement solutions that are cost-effective throughout the life cycle.

The Opus Suite is unrivaled as an analytics platform for modeling, optimization, simulation, and cost analysis, making it possible to optimize and analyze any scenarios, from small conceptual studies to the largest and most complex and demanding technology programs in the world.

Systecon has the expertise, know-how, and experience from hundreds of projects and applications, allowing us to provide our clients with guidance, methodology, training courses, and support as needed, to succeed with life cycle management of technical systems.


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Product Brief

Opus Suite will help you find the answers | Opus Suite lets you evaluate both your transit system’s performance and its cost from a life c ycle perspective. Opus Suite consists of three different software packages which can be used separately or in conjunction.

Solutions Brief

Solutions Brief
When it Comes to Critical Decisions, Make Sure You Gain the Higher Ground.