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Established in 2011 and based in San Francisco, SwiftStack innovations power multi-cloud storage for enterprises. It starts with universal access to petabytes of unstructured data in a single namespace on premises and continues with freedom to move workloads among private data centers and public clouds like Amazon or Google.

With pay-as-you-grow licensing and freedom to choose preferred hardware or cloud providers, mission data remains under the control of internal IT teams. Public sector customers use SwiftStack software as the platform for their data-centric workflows including content delivery, active archive, collaboration, research, and more.


Key SwiftStack capabilities:

  • Universal Access - file (NFS/SMB) and object (S3/Swift API) access to the same set of data.
  • Multi-region Clusters - SwiftStack can be deployed in a single datacenter or span multiple datacenters with built-in geo-replication capabilities.
  • 1space - presents a single namespace across multiple geographic regions and multiple clouds.
  • Policy-Driven - placement and protection of data across drives, nodes, regions, and clouds is driven by policies that you control.
  • Metadata Search - any amount of metadata can be associated with objects, allowing for discovery and utilization of data.
  • Encryption - data in-transit and at-rest can be encrypted.
  • Custom Middleware - extend SwiftStack’s functionality with build-in and/or custom middleware.
  • Hardware-Neutral Software - runs on standard servers, allowing for infrastructure that’s ideal for your environment.