Cloud-Based Data Management Platform for Government

The need to manage ever increasing data is a critical imperative for all government agencies. Solix Enterprise Data Management Solutions are key to the effective life cycle management of structured data in pre-packaged applications such as Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft Enterprise Applications, JD Edwards, Siebel, BaaN and many others as well as custom applications. Solix EDMS offers functionality to address challenges associated with migration to the Cloud, continued data growth, application obsolescence and security exposure of PII.

Migrate Applications to the Cloud in a more efficient way by utilizing Solix EDMS. The Cloud on ramp solution from Solix is a two phase approach. First, older information is archived out of the database, reducing the amount of information that needs to be migrated to the Cloud application. Then, the entire legacy application is retired with all of the data being stored in a Solix secure archive to be available for access, reporting, and compliance as long as required.

Manage Data Growth with Solix EDMS Database Archiving to archive data that has aged and is no longer changing. This is accomplished in an automated or manual process based on predefined policies.

Reduce Cost of Legacy Applications while retaining access to the data. Legacy applications continue to run on outdated hardware that is expensive to maintain, and these systems require power, cooling, and space, as well as software maintenance costs for the application. With Solix EDMS Application Retirement, the application and all hardware associated with it can be retired while still providing access to the data from Solix Application Portfolio Manager (Solix APM) or a standard reporting tool.

Improve Security and Reduce Risk of Exposing PII and PCI in non-production copies of databases. As copies are made of databases for testing, development, and QA, there is significant risk that people working on those copies are provided access to personal information that is not necessary for them to see or that the copies end up on a laptop and are stolen. With data masking, the personal information is obfuscated so that testing and development can continue without risking exposure of personal information.

Save on Storage Space and Time to create test and development copies of production databases. The Solix EDMS Test Data Management solution allows you to create a copy of your database with only a small subset of the overall transactional business objects but maintain full referential integrity.

Solix Enterprise Data Management Suite is available as a free download here. It can be fully deployed in minutes. Using the tool, users can archive and mask limited parameters of data, and validate unlimited amounts of data.


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