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Skybox arms security leaders with a comprehensive cybersecurity management platform to address the security challenges of large, complex networks. The Skybox ® Security Suite breaks down data silos to build a dynamic network model that gives complete visibility of an organization’s attack surface and the context needed for informed action across physical, multi-cloud and operational technology networks. We leverage data by integrating with 120 security technologies, using analytics, automation and advanced threat intelligence from the Skybox® Research Lab to continuously analyze vulnerabilities in your environment and correlate them with exploits in the wild. This helps organizations in the public sector to gain complete cyber situational awareness and to safeguard critical data from the most likely attack vectors. And with Skybox’s automated firewall and security policy management, it’s easy to ensure continuous compliance continuously reduce infrastructure risk.

Our award-winning solutions in vulnerability and threat management, firewall and security policy management, and attack surface visibility automate as much as 90 percent of manual processes. Skybox’s technology is Common Criteria certified and is used with confidence by the world’s most security-conscious organizations, from the public sector to major enterprise companies.


The Skybox® Security Suite: Solve many security challenges and reduce your attack surface with the broadest set of solutions for cybersecurity management.


Latest News

Skybox Security Inc., a global leader in cybersecurity management, and Carahsoft Technology Corp., The Trusted Government IT Solutions Provider®, today announced a new partnership.


Case Study

Government entities are under immense pressure to ensure regulatory compliance; their ability to invest in solutions that will help them to proactively deal with threats is curtailed by slow and restrictive budget cycles; and their resourced-stretched teams are struggling to manage complex and siloe...


Threat-Centric Vulnerability Management

Keep your firewall estate continuously secure, optimized and compliant.

Complete visibility across hybrid networks

Automated rule life cycle management

Visualize, control and reduce the attack surface

Product Brief

Take the Skybox Security Product Tour free for 2 weeks!
Get hands-on experience with Skybox’s latest web UI for firewall and security policy management


Take the Skybox Security Product Tour free for 2 weeks!
Get hands-on experience with Skybox’s latest web UI for firewall and security policy management

Today's government technology infrastructure is increasingly diverse, virtualized and data-driven. When paired with a cyber threat landscape that is also more varied, more complex and more impactful than ever before—it's no wonder that agencies are struggling to keep up. That's where Skybox Securi...

Solutions Brief

Maintain compliance with NIST, FISMA, STING, and other mandates.