Secure, affordable data storage – Addressing the growing data management needs of the U.S. Government

About Seagate Government Solutions

Seagate Government Solutions (SGS) is a FOCI mitigated, US based wholly-owned subsidiary of Seagate Technology

  • SGS is US-based affiliate of Seagate Technologies entirely dedicated to the Federal market space which a focus on data security
  • Seagate is the world’s largest supplier of storage and also ranks in the Top-25 companies WW in Supply Chain Management
  • Seagate has also made significant investments in data security
  • Leading the industry in FIPS 140-2 (data encryption at rest) based HDDs and SSD’s
  • The only disk supplier that is Common Criteria Certified
  • The only disk supplier approved by U.S. Government procurement to comply with Trade Agreements Act (TAA) – Designed in the USA
  • Lastly, we are the only storage provider that is FedRAMP “validated” meaning they have documented FedRAMP security controls for Seagate HDD’s, SSD’s and enclosures – this is especially useful for Federal Agencies and/or CSP’s seeking FedRAMP Cloud Authorization

Together with FIPS, CC, TAA and FedRAMP “Validation” –makes Seagate Storage the most compelling and secure storage solutions for the Federal market space.

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