Rosoka Software develops and licenses software for the extraction and analysis of unstructured data, regardless of the source language or document type. Rosoka Software products were developed for PDA’s, Laptops, secured networks and Cloud Environments to be; 1) Multilingual with the ability to process over 230 languages, 2) Scalable to handle Big Data volume, variety, and velocity, and 3) Portable with the ability to process consistent results from most standard operating systems. The technology is based on natural language processing (NLP), linguistic rules and algorithms to provide named entity extraction, relationship analysis, enhanced geospatial mapping and text analytics. Product licenses are inclusive of all languages and API’s, easily customizable by customers, with improved accuracy obtained through supervised machine learning.

Rosoka software is primarily used; 1) for automated identification, discovery, monitoring and enforcement, 2) to assess sentiment and behavior or 3) to predict or persuade desired outcomes or results.