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IT Infrastructure Solutions

ORock’s cloud and IaaS solutions were developed from the ground up to support organizations that store, transmit, and process the most sensitive data and computing workloads. Unlike standard commercial offerings that rely upon shared public infrastructure, the ORock architecture leverages a private, carrier-grade fiber optic network and SOC-II Type-2 data centers with no upstream CSP for the highest levels of data security, autonomy, and performance. And ORock cloud solutions feature a “pure-play” Red Hat open source environment to maximize interoperability, modularity, and security.

Powered by Hewlett Packard Enterprises (HPE)

As an HPE Business Partner, ORock exclusively utilizes HPE Gen10 servers and storage devices, Aruba networking solutions, and HPE Pointnext Services. This unique relationship enables ORock to quickly scale capacity, offer flexible hardware options, refresh environments frequently with the latest HPE Gen10 technologies, and maintain competitive pricing. ORock collaborates closely with HPE engineers and other HPE partners to architect, deploy, and manage optimal solutions.

Visit ORock Technologies’ Homepage to learn more.

Cloud Hosting

Compute, Storage, and Network for your Hybrid, Multi-Cloud Strategy

At ORock Technologies, we designed and built our own cloud architecture from the ground up to meet the most stringent requirements for security, performance, cost predictability, and control.

ORock hosting solutions support a range of business requirements and use cases. Our highly-scalable Infrastructure as a Service (laaS) capabilities and fit-for-purpose hybrid cloud offerings support the hosting, storage, and processing of applications, backups, containers, databases, websites, and more.

Choose the Right Hosting Option

  • ORockCloud Hosting:  Secure multi-tenant cloud hosting for commercial organizations and U.S. government agencies (FedRAMP Moderate authorization)
  • ORock HighCloud:  A Government-Only Community Cloud for agencies that host the most sensitive Federal Unclassified Data (“FedRAMP Ready” at High Impact Level)

Visit ORock Technologies’ Cloud Hosting to learn more


Secure Cloud Storage with NO Data Egress Fees

ORock provides simple, secure, and predictable cloud-based storage options on an OPEX basis, with outstanding price and performance on both Object and Block storage.

Experience government-grade data security, fast performance, instant accessibility, and affordable costs. ORock’s flat-rate billing model with no charge for data egress delivers significant savings over hyperscale cloud storage options.

  • Pricing Simplicity – Flat-rate and predictable storage pricing
  • No egress fees for data
  • Available storage types and performance tiers from Premium to Hot including Block and Object storage
  • No data retrieval costs; data is available and accessible with no additional charges
  • Integrated User Interface and robust APIs
  • Multi-tenant storage meets 325+ security controls and is contained within a Soc 2 Type II  datacenter
  • Built on latest generation of HPE storage technology
  • Inherits rich set of security capabilities (such as Silicon Root of Trust)

Visit ORock Technologies’ Cloud Storage to learn more.

OpenShift Containers

ORock Secure Containers as a Service with Red Hat OpenShift

Developed with Red Hat engineers, ORock Secure Containers as a Service delivers the power and flexibility of the OpenShift Container Platform as a fully-managed Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution. Featuring 325 security controls, it is the first and only OpenShift Container Platform to achieve FedRAMP Moderate authorization within the ORockCloud FedRAMP boundary.

This highly secure, end-to-end solution from ORock and Red Hat is delivered as an OPEX service and includes management services delivered by ORock’s US-based NOC and SOC. It relieves your team of the complex burden of platform maintenance and management, allowing them to focus on application development instead of platform management. The solution incorporates: 

  • Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform – An enterprise-grade open source container platform built on Kubernetes Orchestration Engine and Docker containers
  • ORockCloud – A secure, FedRAMP-compliant environment for hosting the OpenShift platform and your containerized applications and workloads
  • Managed Services – Simplified setup, deployment, management, and maintenance of the OpenShift platform and the ORockCloud infrastructure

Visit ORock Technologies’ Secure Containers to learn more.