Protect your organization's most precious assets - your people, your customers, and your infrastructure, and information.

MarkPoint Technologies is a market disrupting innovator in the field of software and hardware development, delivery, deployment and improvement for cyber security, force protection, and situational awareness. MarkPoint is the exclusive provider of Echo with Extras™ software tools for tactical EW/Cyber passive recon and surveillance capabilities to the US Government, such as the CEMA Tactical Awareness Sensor Kit™ and Gladius.™ These tools have been developed to provide added security and awareness for personal protection or perimeter security around restricted areas. Enhanced MarkPoint capabilities offer added cyber security protection to detect anomalous or suspicious activity in organizational, private, or military communications.

The MarkPoint Technologies team comprises of former Special Operations Force (SOF) intelligence personnel with wide and varied experiences in SOF operations around the world, and highly experienced technologists and engineers from the Intelligence Community. MarkPoint Technologies engineering team maintains a constant state of innovation, seeking new tools, techniques, and technologies to speed mission critical data through an interoperable architecture to the decision maker.