Improve student content engagement with interactive live events.

Livestream Learning Studio is an online curriculum enrichment platform for students and teachers in primary grades. With an on-line subscription, any classroom can schedule real-time electronic theatrical events every week, all year long. These live events apply drama-based pedagogy to academic subjects, such as STEM and Literacy. On-line performers provide direct instruction to students using new interactive event technology called Livestream Event Portal.

The interactive livestream programming is focused on three strands: academic content, social-emotional learning and arts integration. A classroom teacher and their students view the live program by entering the Event Portal online. An important innovation with this new prototype is that no new, additional technology or hardware is required for the teacher or school. It can be accessed through any device with an internet connection, such as a computer, a tablet, a smart phone, or a smartboard. Students then interact with actors and educators in real-time in various settings; classrooms, remote or hybrid.

Livestream Learning Studio boosts teacher and student academic content engagement by delivering live, interactive and entertaining theatre performances virtually. This online platform turns students’ idol screen time into live educational events, streamed directly into classrooms, home schools or other settings anywhere in the world. Through the Livestream Event Portal, students will have a unique opportunity to connect with academic content in an interactive and engaging way.

Let Livestream Learning Studio, through our proven “laugh while learn” approach, combat learning loss and increase a sense of belonging in your classrooms all year long.

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