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Elevate your Microsoft Teams experience with enhanced collaboration tools from Frameable

Frameable develops tools designed to enhance productivity and facilitate efficient teamwork within Microsoft Teams. Recognizing the importance of seamless collaboration regardless of location, our products are crafted to support optimal performance across distributed teams.

As industry leaders in addressing functionality gaps, we actively create solutions that enhance and personalize the Microsoft Teams experience. Our innovative solutions, such as multiple simultaneous screen sharing, digital whiteboards, and centralized dashboards, empower users to take their collaboration to new heights.

Government professionals across the country trust Frameable to help them improve their daily workflows. Here’s why:

  1. Low cost, high efficiency: We pride ourselves on creating the most effective and cost-efficient improvements for the tools you already use so you can do more with your time.
  2. Expanded functionality: Experience Microsoft Teams in a new light by expanding your in-app capabilities and productivity.
  3. Collaboration expertise: We’ve built innovative collaboration tools for the better part of a decade, and are committed to only delivering products we know will improve organizational productivity.
  4. Immediate value: Start realizing the value of Frameable products instantly from a user-friendly interface to seamless integration within Teams.

After installing Frameable products 80% of users report feeling more productive, and 98% of users would recommend at least one or more of Frameable’s solutions. 

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