Most security groups within organizations today use Word, Excel, and internal email to manage their daily security operations. The CyberSponse technology platform aims to dramatically improve efficiency and the effectiveness of the daily SecOps team’s efforts in the war against cybercrime, security breaches, and threats.

Currently there is a staggering increase in cyber, physical, and corporate threats that produces fertile opportunities for the security provider community. With HIPAA, GLBA, PCI, and other regulations designed to enforce the protection of private information, businesses face dramatically increasing costs associated with remediation and risk mitigation. The CyberSponse SecOps360 platform reduces risks by creating efficiencies, load balancing the team members, providing situational analysis, reducing decision making during a crisis, and visualizing the responsibilities of team members.


CyberSponse’s SecOp360 security operations platform, or “SOC in a BOX,” is a patent-pending, robust, stand-alone, on-premise, and cloud-based security management system. SecOp360 is used for cybersecurity, corporate security, and business resilience teams with dozens of use cases around general security operations management. Each member of the SecOps organization now has instant access to toolsets, including monitoring systems, IDS, firewalls, SIEMs, malware analysis, executive reporting, ticketing systems, executive notifications, threat intelligence feeds, and much more.

These enterprise features bridge today's widening gap between operations, law enforcement, HR, PR, legal, and executive management working with security operations. The platform interconnects many existing tools and acts as the "central operating hub" of the security operations team, connecting all the roles, contacts, departments, and technology all together via its robust API and its STIX, XML, and JSON integration technology.