Accomplishing your mission means having the right people on board to take on the task. This means becoming a place that these top candidates want to work, and getting that message to those specific candidates. It means bringing them on staff, and keeping them there. It means identifying the future leaders within your organization, and setting the path to get them into these positions. CareerBuilder Government Solutions will help you every step of the way.

CareerBuilder Government Solutions is a business intelligence and human capital strategy leader delivering outsourcing and consulting solutions in branding, talent management and acquisition, retention, efficiency, and diversity.

What if you had a solution to bring in the right people to accomplish your mission? What if this gave you insight into your processes, identified areas to become more efficient, and to ensure you maximize your return on your people?


CareerBuilder is pleased to offer the following recruitment services:

  • Business Intelligence

    CareerBuilder Government Solutions offers second-to-none customized business intelligence, through visibility into hundreds of millions of candidate actions and responses. Through this data, organizations can truly understand where and how to target top talent, to enhance and improve their hiring and onboarding processes, and to find the next leaders. An organizations people will accomplish the group's goals, the business intelligence to bring in these people will get you there.

  • Exposure Campaigns

    Candidates find employment opportunities through various sources and channels. CareerBuilder Government Solutions puts your opportunities in front of the right people, through advanced targeting, and through various choices of media.

  • Full RPO

    Focus on your main mission while letting recruitment experts focus on hiring goals. Outsource the entire recruitment process, including everything from requisition approval to a candidate starting with your organization.

    Outsourcing your recruiting process to CareerBuilder Government Solutions lets you:

    • Ramp up quickly during busy hiring periods
    • Generate more accurate staffing budgets through predictable outsourcing costs
    • Free up employees to focus on more value-added tasks
    • Reach the best candidates
    • Hire more qualified candidates
  • Human Capital and Workforce Planning Consulting

    Maximizing the "return on people" involves a deep understanding of how to structure, retain, motivate, support, and grow an efficient workforce. CareerBuilder Government Solutions brings in experts to ensure your organization implements the best process available.

  • Partial RPO

    Allow for flexibility in recruiting efforts. Outsource parts of the recruitment process, such as sourcing or screening of candidates. CareerBuilder Government Solutions will build a process and best practices to provide quality talent at a lower cost in a reduced amount of time.

    Name Generation: Tracking down the right candidates and their contact information is a tedious process that eats up valuable resources. Whether your organization needs help filling one hard-to-fill position or building a candidate pipeline to meet your ongoing needs, CareerBuilder Government Solutions' Name Generation service lets your people spend less time doing labor-intensive sourcing and more time selling top talent on your organization.

    Targeted Search: Qualified people are harder to find than ever and thus it typically takes more recruiting dollars to find them. CareerBuilder Government Solutions' Targeted Search service helps organizations find both active and passive candidates, delivering only the highest quality talent in less time and at a fraction of the cost of other recruiting methods.

  • Social Media Brand Management

    Save time and protect your brand by outsourcing the tedious and time-consuming tasks of monitoring your social media recruitment presence. CareerBuilder Government Solutions provides engaging recruitment content that creates an open dialogue with your target talent.


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EMSI Analyst is a web-based analytical tool that provides the most in-depth historic, current and projected employment data for any geography. The data provided is aggregated information from 10 years prior, as well as projection data 10 years into the future.


As the digital landscape rapidly evolves, this study intends to help hiring managers and recruitment professionals understand modern behaviors, attitudes and approaches to job search and candidate recruitment.