Cyber Intelligence Solutions

4iQ is an identity intelligence company empowering intel analysts, security researchers, and criminal investigators with capabilities to unmask adversaries and prevent fraud, account takeover, and cyber espionage. 4iQ continuously validates, then archives, identity records collected from data breaches and leaks exposed in the deep and dark web into the 4iQ IDLake™. The 4iQ IDLake™ is unique because we don’t just systematically collect breach corpuses and exposed identities, we also conduct an extensive cleansing, curation and breach attribution process to filter out fake and duplicate data. As of September 2019, the 4iQ IDLake has over 20 billion identity attributed, 6+ billion clear text passwords and over 30,000 large, unknown and accidental breach corpuses.

The 4iQ IDLake™ powers 4iQ IDHunt™ - an identity intelligence and attribution analysis platform. 4iQ IDHunt™ uses proprietary algorithms to display context and unmask individuals posing a threat to businesses and society, produces actionable intelligence leading to identity attribution, and pieces together historically exposed data to expedite the investigation process and solve crimes - all in one platform. Depending on the mission, Intel units can fuse data from the 4iQ IDLake™ with data across the surface, deep, and dark web, internal file systems and 3rd party data sources to build a private datalake; configure the system to track, monitor and receive real-time alerts in order to uncover the real identity and motivations behind an actor; and predict and prevent future attacks and exploitations.

The 4iQ team is comprised of intelligence community analysts, infosec pioneers and tech entrepreneurs with a single mission: to disrupt cyber-enabled crime at the source - the people behind the attacks.

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