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Open Network, Cloud-Centric Threat Detection, and Remediation

CyGlass eXtended Cloud Security is a Cloud platform that delivers a cost-effective detection, response, and compliance solution for cyber security teams with distributed hybrid networks and limited resources. CyGlass can deploy to organizations without or unable to operate a SIEM or 24X7 security operations center.

Utilizing Machine learning and AI-driven unified security policies, CyGlass eXtended Cloud Security reduces the massive volume of network and Cloud traffic into prioritized "Smart Alerts," investigative views, and compliance reports. CyGlass enables any security team to see risks across their hybrid network and devices, stop threats and prove compliance.

See Risks Across Your Hybrid Network
CyGlass threat surface coverage includes internal networks, cloud systems and applications, users, and through EDR integration, endpoints. Network & Cloud Operations Managers gain visibility to abnormal risky activities that occur across remote workers, on-premise, and Cloud environments. Managers can quickly identify unprotected or rogue devices, threats to IoT devices, misconfigured ports, risky traffic, and backup system failures without overburdening IT teams.

Stop Threats
CyGlass enables automated continuous monitoring for threats across networks, cloud, and VPNs. CyGlass delivers a short, prioritized list of "Smart Alerts" and investigative reports utilizing a unique combination of cyber TTP policies, threat intelligence, and AI. Cyber and IT managers use CyGlass to investigate quickly and remediate cyber-attacks 24x7.

Prove Compliance
Prebuilt, automated compliance policies and reports activate with a push of a button using CyGlass Goals and Objectives. Prove compliance through prebuilt reporting, including control effectiveness, SLA tracking, and compliance objective metrics. Compliance policies include multiple aggregated rules, AI models, control objectives, and assurance reports for ISO 27001, NIST 800-53, Cyber Essentials, FFIEC, NIAC, CMMC, and more.

Built for Small IT Security Teams
CyGlass' unique Cloud-native delivery model provides enterprise-class cyber security at a fraction of the cost of traditional NDR or SIEM tools. Deployed in just hours, CyGlass is designed for operational success in any environment, delivering:

No IT overhead: 100% SaaS solution with no appliance, no agents, and no new on-premises software or hardware, utilizing existing firewalls, VPNs, AD, and SaaS applications.

Increasing ROI: Policy by objective with advanced AI and automation reduce overhead, increase effectiveness and use case coverage over time. CyGlass replaces legacy network traffic analyzers, NDR, marginal SIEM deployments, and legacy DLP tools.

Low TCO: Advanced AI drives automation, reduce overhead and staffing requirements while increasing operational effectiveness and threat detection from devices anywhere, anytime. CyGlass operates at 1/3 of the cost of traditional security tools.

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