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5G technology is the next generation mobile network, delivering high-speed wireless connections, faster data rates and lower latency. 5G solutions have the power to transform and enhance operations in the public sector by increasing connections across devices, systems and communities.

Carahsoft partners with proven 5G vendors to provide powerful cellular networks to government agencies. Our 5G providers enable the public sector to leverage reliable mobile connections to achieve mission success without compromising the security of critical workflows.




Secure Government Networks with 5G Wireless Technology

5G networks have enabled the swift expansion of virtual reality, application monitoring and control, artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. 5G services from our partners help government agencies:

  • Accelerate real-time information delivery from any device, anywhere
  • Increase adoption of AI and deep learning (DL) technologies
  • Drive information superiority with multiaccess edge computing (MEC)

Discover 5G solutions from leading technology service providers in the portfolio below.

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Discover Innovative Wireless Technologies 

Groundbreaking tools and techniques are becoming more sophisticated and innovative at a time when government needs them to tackle a wide array of challenges.
Greg Burrill, 5G/networking alliance manager at Dell Technologies, discusses how the leap to virtualization with 5G is spurring innovative advances in this network-essential technology.
This eBook highlights current efforts and what’s on the horizon by civilian and the military services in rolling out 5G infrastructure and devices to improve mission effectiveness.

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