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The human resources (HR) department and training teams are vital to the success of any public sector organization and its workforce. To achieve organizational objectives and maximize efficiency, it is necessary for agencies to invest in HR management solutions and training platforms.

Carahsoft and its IT partners provide agencies and organizations with technology tools that develop and support employees. Ensure your workforce is equipped to perform their daily responsibilities with innovative training and HR management software.

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Leading Human Resources and Training Providers

Carahsoft’s comprehensive HR and training technology portfolio brings together a range of industry-leading solutions that equip your agency or organization with the tools and skills necessary for success. Discover HR and training solutions from our partners that help the public sector: 

  •  Attract, recruit and onboard highly skilled talent 

  • Secure current and past employee information  

  • Deliver custom training courses effectively and efficiently  

  • Ensure certifications are securely completed and managed 

  • Leverage workforce analytics to develop a human capital strategy 

  • Automate payroll and benefit processes 

  • Evaluate employee performances, sentiments and trends

Explore our training and HR management portfolio for trusted and compliant technology solutions.

  • Talent Acquisition (7)
  • Learning Management (14)
  • Cyber Skills Training (12)
  • Talent Management (10)
  • Human Capital Evaluation (3)

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Government Training and Learning Technology


To ensure your agency or organization’s workforce is equipped with the skills and knowledge to achieve departmental objectives, it is imperative that training and learning technology is adopted. A modern and progressive learning ecosystem will standardize workflow processes and expand department capabilities.

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Human Resource Management Software and Services


To efficiently manage a growing workforce, it is paramount that the public sector invests in human resource technology to achieve departmental objectives. Government organizations face the challenge of finding and retaining vital personnel, embracing HR software can enhance the employee experience while ensuring adherence to regulatory compliance standards.

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HR & Training Technology Programs and Events

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Carahsoft February 21, 2024
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Carahsoft February 22, 2024
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Resources for HR & Training Technology

EmployeeExperienceTrends.jpg HR & TRAINING TECHNOLOGY RESOURCE
Check out this report to discover unique insights into employee's work experiences and expectations in 2024. With an emphasis on the crucial need for work-life balance and the flexibility of remote and hybrid work arrangements, Human Resources and business leaders must shift to meet the needs of their employees. Learn how Qualtrics is assisting organizations by using experience management to build inclusive and effective workplace cultures and addressing the challenges of tomorrow.


SAP_AI_Recruit-to-Retire_Infographic_thumbnail.JPG HR & TRAINING TECHNOLOGY RESOURCE
SAP Business AI for HR can help you switch up your recruitment-to-retirement process. This can enhance workforce planning, encourage employee involvement, and match the employee experience to what your business is working towards. You can acquire knowledge on the talents and abilities of your staff with AI-supported talent intelligence. In addition, SAP Business AI can assist in designing the HR strategy and planning that is consistent with business aims and the current market condition.


News for HR & Training Technology

Carahsoft June 21, 2023

The cybersecurity industry is grappling with a significant shortage of talent, be it due to a scarcity of skilled professionals or a deficiency in adequate training opportunities. As an industry, it is essential that we explore and implement increasingly inventive methods to train and cultivate cyber talent while simultaneously expanding the pool of professionals in this field. Overcoming this challenge is particularly complex since training has predominantly focused on the security operations area of the cybersecurity landscape rather than on automation.


Carahsoft June 07, 2023

Carahsoft Technology Corp., The Trusted Government IT Solutions Provider®, announced that VMware has been added to Carahsoft’s Distributor Seller of Record (DSOR) program in the AWS Marketplace, which combines the benefits of the Private Offers feature from Amazon Web Services (AWS) along with Carahsoft's contract vehicles to provide customers a seamless acquisition process for their cloud-based products and solutions in the AWS Marketplace.