Thetus develops software solutions that help solve real-world modeling and analysis challenges in the intelligence and defense communities. Thetus' core product, Savanna, offers the best way for users to evaluate data, collaborate, execute analytics, and disseminate products. Savanna allows analysts from the battalion level to the command level to model enemy tactics that characterize a variety of terrorist threats, from IED creation to tribal conflicts. These user-defined reference models are captured, stored, and shared as logical processes used to counter hostile threats globally, enabling quicker, more informed decision-making.



Savanna is a multi-source analysis suite that builds on existing investments and programs to offer an integrated, flexible environment for users. Savanna provides a foundation of analysis tools and visualizations needed to support multiple analytic disciplines, where users can quickly place discoveries in a meaningful context, perform analysis, author findings, and develop knowledge assets all in one place.

Savanna provides an intuitive analysis platform that is open unlike any other, featuring:

  • Open architecture
  • Open source friendly
  • Open standards
  • Open deployment methods
  • Open to partners
  • Open to modifying for a better customer fit

Savanna Key Benefits

  • Extensible: enterprise service enabled and cloud ready
  • Adaptable: integrates out-of-the-box with best-of-breed open source and COTS applications and data
  • Model-enabled: capture knowledge, lineage, and tradecraft with maximum flexibility
  • Browser-based: rapidly deploy, update, and evolve
  • Data-agnostic: fuse Multi-INT information in its native form without moving all your data
  • Analytic technique agnostic: leverage various analysis tools



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Savanna is a multi-INT analysis suite, delivering exceptional modeling, analysis, visualization and production results. 


Savanna is a multi-source analysis suite that delivers modeling, analysis, visualization, and production results to accelerate decision-making.


This paper provides a checklist you can use to evaluate and improve your enterprise analytic framework. It is written for enterprises with the most advanced analytical challenges -- those that require the best possible analysis in order to serve critically important missions. The lessons learned ...

Savanna is a multi-source analysis suite that delivers modeling, analysis, visualization, and production results to accelerate decision-making. Savanna builds on existing investments and programs to offer an integrated environment for researchers, analysts, modelers, planners and decision-makers.

This white paper discusses the enterprise-wide Advanced Analytical Capabilities (ACC) available through the Thetus Savanna framework. Savanna is a model-driven, browser-based platform comprised of an intuitive user interface and a powerful set of backend capabilities. These capabilities provide cons...