Discover the Power of Absolute Software’s Cyber Resilience Solutions

Absolute Software®, the only provider of intelligent, self-healing security solutions, empowers mission-critical performance with advanced cyber resilience. Embedded in more than 600 million devices, our cyber resilience platform delivers endpoint-to-network access security coverage, ensures automated security control compliance, and enables operational continuity. 

The FedRAMP-Ready designated Absolute Secure Endpoint product line enables IT and security personnel to monitor and address computers' problems as well as enabling the computers and their mission-critical applications to self-heal. This helps with IT management, strengthening an organization’s security posture, and maintaining compliance.

The Absolute Secure Access product portfolio provides reliable network connectivity for users to gain secure access to critical resources in the public cloud, private data centers, or on-premises. These products allow users to transition from traditional secure remote access technologies to a Zero Trust approach, without affecting productivity or admin controls.

State and local governments, educational institutions, and federal agencies trust Absolute to establish Zero Trust principles, ensure cyber resiliency, protect enterprise assets, fortify security and business applications, and provide a frictionless, always-on user experience. Ultimately, Absolute makes security work.