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We want to change the world, and we’ve already done it once. SpiderOak has been building encrypted software since before the first iPhone was released. We are committed to building secure and reliable software that protects our customers’ data. Our approach is fundamentally different from most mainstream security companies. Instead of adding layers of security on top of an insecure system, we build software that is inherently secure.

SpiderOak builds need-to-know technology that supports customers working in hostile environments. Traditional systems trust IT infrastructure to maintain the whole security system, even though the news is rife with evidence that this model does not work. Our software combines true end-to-end encryption with a distributed ledger (aka Blockchain) technology and a strong policy engine to offer best-in-class security with no backdoors.


  • CrossClave

    CrossClave is a cryptographically secure collaboration platform which supports single or multi-department mission teams by providing cryptographically segmented, endpoint-to-endpoint encrypted chat and file sharing capabilities. CrossClave, like all other SpiderOak products, is built on a strong encryption platform utilizing the NSA CNSA cipher suite, distributed ledger (aka blockchain) technology, and a flexible Policy Engine. Together with the platform, CrossClave enables teams to work over any available communication network.

  • LogSecure

    LogSecure provides forensically secure immutable logs for monitoring and auditing system events. With LogSecure, administrators are able to quickly identity log discrepancies caused by bad actors and insider threats who attempt log manipulation to cover improper use. When combined with network monitoring software, LogSecure allows deeper analysis of network events, which in turn supports taking decisive action to limit response times, data loss, and intrusions. LogSecure is multi-platform with support for Windows Event Log, and Linux syslog output.Data from LogSecure can be routed to one or multiple secure compartments, each of which is endpoint-to-endpoint encrypted.

  • SpiderOak Platform

    The SpiderOak Platform is a suite of libraries and simple functions which provide key management, endpoint-to-endpoint encryption, compartmentalization of data, users, and bots, and policy-controlled actions of users to the top-level application. The platform further allows the top-level application to ignore network or infrastructure security because identities, data, and teams are not shared with the network or server which transports data from endpoint to endpoint. The SpiderOak platform has been realized as a secure collaboration suite in CrossClave, but was designed with other applications such as secure collaborative file editing, multi-user sync, and password management, in mind.


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Discover the fully secure modern productivity suite for organizations that cannot compromise their security, speed, or ease of access when collaborating.

Review how your agency can receive forensically secure, immutable logs for monitoring and auditing system events.


SpiderOak Mission Systems' Cross Clave is the highly secure tool that unlocks the world of telework to organizations dealing with sensitive information such as Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI), HIPAA, or other data that can't be put at risk.

A key component of the SpiderOak Platform is the way it securely manages authority across the system. It does this with distributed ledger technology (DLT), also known as blockchain.

Solutions Brief

Explore SpiderOak’s solution CrossClave and how this solution can keep your agency secure.


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